Quarantine makers in the picture: Elisa Zuppini

Sherise Strang, Julia Monschau and Elisa Zuppini have been working in the studios of Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK for the past few weeks. The public presentation of these New Adventures has been postponed, but we did get a look behind the scenes. The makers themselves are in quarantine and give us, in this interview, a glimpse into the process of their choreographic research. Part Two: Elisa Zuppini about synthetic disjunctions.

Part 2 :Elisa Zuppini about synthetic disjunctions (zie onder)

And watch also: Part 1: Sherise Strang & Julia Monschau - #29828993

Elisa Zuppini

synthetic disjunctions

What do we move when we move, and by what are we moved? Elisa Zuppini developed the movement system De.sy.re which in its name refers to the word 'desire'. In her approach the body operates as a decentralized intelligence; the dancer is driven by the bodies's ability to feel, and by the endless and complex experience of space. During this residency Elisa explores the intersection of choreography and DJ'ing, translating the practice of DJ'ing into new choreographic strategies.


You have developed your own movement system under the name De.sy.re. What drove you to develop De.sy.re.?

How would you describe this movement system?

What role has 'desire' played in your research at Dansmakers over the past 4 weeks?

When you teach De.sy.re., what four tips would you give the dancer?

What were sources of inspiration during this research period?

You wanted to translate your DJ'ing practice into 'new choreographic strategies'. What are your first findings?

How did the situation of the virus affect your period of research and creation?

Performer and choreographer Elisa Zuppini (IT/NL) recently graduated from the School for New Dance Development in 2018. Through her research practice De.sy.re. she creates both site-specific work and pieces for a theatrical setting. In 2016 she was awarded as a young talent by Open FLR (Florence) and in 2018 she participated in DanceWeb Life Long Burning (2018, Vienna).  Elisa is supported by ICK Amsterdam.







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