Punk your Spirit - Keren Rosenberg

With the short film Punk Your Spirit Keren Rosenberg and her artistic team depicts our desire to return to our primitive selves, the craving for a deeper contact with the body, the desire to merge into the surroundings. 

WHEN: 25 & 26 Nov, 20:30

WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam


Keren Rosenberg and her artistic team give us an insight into her work-in-progress of the new short film Punk your Spirit and previously developed chapters.


Within the framework of the New Makers development trajectory, Keren Rosenberg creates the work Going Primal. As the theatres closed for a second time, she asked herself the question: "Our situation changed. We now change ourselves?” The past few weeks she worked on the blueprint for a different way of working. Going Primal (premiere March 2021) is growing organically. By working with modules it gives space to the flexible attitude that Keren naturally possesses.


This flexible way of working can be seen as a proposal for living and acting in a changing society. The starting point does not change the original substantive plan but is the concept for a change in attitude.


How can we make effective use of our flexibility and creativity instead of continuing to long for the time before this epidemic? The art professional is skilled in dealing with unexpected twists and turns. "Let us not focus on the constraint, but make a proposal from that strength". If our future society is characterised by periods in which free movement is not always the norm, there is now an opportunity to experiment with new models of creation and production. These will also change the relationship with the audience.


The continuation of Keren's development and creation process continues under the motto: "An excercise in suspension. (An interval training in creation, producing and spectating).”



Concept & Choreography: Keren Rosenberg Performance: Nik Rajšek & Keren Rosenberg Music & Performance: Richard  van Kruysdijk, Fallus Dei Light design: Ate Jan van Kampen Artistic Advice & Dramaturgy: Jesús de Vega Producer: Florain Verheijen Coaching: Suzy Blok Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam Photography: Alwin Poiana Made with Support of Fonds Podium Kunsten, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Dansmakers Amsterdam.



Trailer Not on this Earth - The Void of Longing uit Going Primal.  


In her work Keren Rosenberg (1978, IL) searches for new physical and socio-political points of departure of the body and its surroundings: between man as a social animal and as a primitive being. She collaborates with artists from different disciplines, resulting in multidisciplinary performances. Keren Rosenberg is artist in residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam supported by the Nieuwe Makersregeling of the Performing Arts Fund.




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