An interview by Moreno Perna for Vice

Performancekunstenaar vortex plays with gender and identity


Jasper  Lavèn interviewed Moreno Perna for Vice about Mount Olympus, androgynity and his emerging performance at Dansmakers Amsterdam.



((C) Raymond van Mil)



Moreno Perna works during club nights as performance artist under the name Vortex. In his pieces, he always plays with identity and gender. I-D spoke to him about Mount Olympus, gender, and about his personal emerging performance XYZ.



 The Italian dancer and performer Moreno Perna is working on its own piece, on androgyniteit; a portrait of the female sex, most constructed gender in our society. The piece goes into premiere on 17 september in Antwerp and on 13 and 14 October is to see it at dance makers Amsterdam.

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