Dansmakers presents young talent at Over 't IJ festival

Dansmakers presents Andrea Zavala Folache during Over het Ij Festival. She will bring Frame me Femme, a continuous performance with influences from her previous work SOME as part of the Containerprogramme. She interacts with the space, accompanied by technical influences to invite the spectator to follow the performance with the freedom of his own way of looking. 

Andrea: ''I put myself in a gender neutral role between man and woman, under the eye of the camera and the spectator. By staring back and returning to my own autonomy, putting myself in a different perspective. Everything that is present in the space experiences a certain dizziness and a step towards strength and fragility.'' >>>


Suzy Blok about Andrea Zavala:

“Andrea Zavala will be graduating this summer from the School of New Dance Development (AHK). She strikes me as a versatile artist. She is both choreographer and performer and in her graduation performance ‘Some’ she shows her versatility in these fields. The performance is surprising, visual and three-dimensional. She mixes cinematographic aspects, text, singing and movement in a fresh and personal way. On Over het IJ Festival she will show work that fits perfectly into the space of a container. Her fantasy and intelligence make me curious and it matches the kind of artists that we from Dansmakers Amsterdam like to support in their development. By nominating her for the Container Programme I hope to give her a special chance to further develop her work in this setting and I get to know her better because I coach her. At the same time it is a way of getting acquainted for the both of us for a possible cooperation in the future.”



Concept and performance: Andrea Zavala, Counselling: Suzy Blok and Maurice Bogaert





Over het IJ Festival is celebrating its 25th birthday. We celebrate it wit a special edition of the Zeecontainer Programme, which is, since 2004, the base of the festival. This year we look back to the past and forwarth to the future with our time machine. d

We asked makers and groups which started their carreer with us and performed, to bring forward young talent which they feel a connection with or see a special theatraical strength. In this traject of development with artistic and prodcutional guidance, we create a platform for the newest generation of theatermakers and artists/ 

The newest generation present a work in a container, under the theme: De Staat van de Stad. Maximal length 15 minutes. We ask them what the city means for them, and what is teir place as an artist of citizen in the city.




Friday 14 July: 17:00 - 23:30

Saturday 15 July & Sunday 16 July: 15:00 - 23:30

Monday 17 July - Sunday 23 July: 17:00 - 23:30

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