OPEN CALL: You Better Move #8


YOU BETTER MOVE #8 edition is entering the new year with a grand opening on January 11th. For one day the space of Dansmakers will transform into a temporary temple for the raving body: A hybrid space where time, space and matter dissolve into ONENESS.


The one-day festival that offers a stage to new makers and proven talent, will be part of this year's event. This time it is co-curated by performers & choreographers Keren Rosenberg & Christian Guerematchi. They are teaming up for this special edition and together they wish to curate body-centric, raw, unapologetic, supernatural, queer- or BADASS artists to apply for this open call with their works. Welcoming artists from the field of dance, performance & cross-disciplinary arts to apply. Formats of presentation can vary from live performance, installation, film, sound and that what is yet unknown.


The call will give preference to short works (max. 10-25 minutes), technically simple and which can be presented in the theatre or a non-conventional space such as a studio, foyer or outside.You can fill in the form in Dutch as well as in English.

WHAT: You Better Move#8, 11 JAN, Dansmakers Amsterdam

APPLY: Googleform >>> before December 1st, 2019, 24:00

INFO: ruth@dansmakers.nl


Dansmakers Amsterdam provides:

- The opportunity to present the work to an audience in a professional, light and festive context
- A place to share, give and receive feedback and to meet other dance professionals and programmers
- Professional promotion of the festival and promotion of the participating artists
- Stage photography 
- Reimbursement of expenses and travel costs and a small performance fee
- Dinner and two free drinks on the festival day
- Free ticket for one guest

You can apply by filling in the online google form (sign in with your e-mail account)


This includes:

  - Short description of the work (max. 150 words)

  - Biography (75 words) + portrait (min 2MB)

  - One video link to the work (*)

  - 2 images of the work (min.  2MB)

  - Technical requirements with a suggested place for your work (theatre, foyer, studio, outdoors)

 - Number of dancers and crew (try to keep it low)


Note: the application text, video and images of the selected artists will be rewritten and used for the promotion of the festival.

(*) Video-link should be downloadable: Mention Password of applicable.

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