New Adventures 19-20 is now open for application

With the New Adventures Residency Program of Dansmakers Amsterdam in collaboration with ICK Amsterdam, selected choreographers  get the opportunity to explore, develop and deepen an idea during a four-week residency, resulting in a performance which they share with the audience.


The Residency Program 2019 – 2020 is now open for application. Please fill in the online form before May 27th, 24:00
(contact: ruth@dansmakers.nl)



New Adventures Artistic Residency Program 2019 – 2020

During the residency program, Dansmakers Amsterdam is a laboratory for innovation in dance and performance art. In that period, emerging artists step into new adventures and get the opportunity to develop their work. Artists with the urgency to create and research an idea are encouraged to apply.


Out of all applications, each year four to six research projects by performance artists and choreographers will be selected. They are invited for a compact four-week residency period  between November 2019 and April 2020. The makers are challenged to go to the core of their artistic practice. Ideas are further explored and deepened and there is space for experiment and reflection. The period ends with public performances, in which the makers connect with the audience and provide context to the work.


To encourage artistic exchange between artists during the residency, two residencies will run parallel to each other. Artists are encouraged to work together and exchange ideas and experiences during their process.


The selected artists 18/19 were Moreno Perna, Moa Holgersson & Isadora Tomasi, Loïs Alexander, Chronos, Antonia Steffens and Karel Tuytschaever.



About Dansmakers Amsterdam & ICK

Dansmakers Amsterdam is an (inter)national dance production house based in Amsterdam North. The House focuses on the development of new choreographic talent in contemporary dance and is both work place as a stage: Dansmakers Podium.

We focus on coaching, supporting, (co)producing and presenting the new generation of contemporary, innovative choreographers, that explore and shift the borders of the discipline. Artistic director Suzy Blok brings together talented makers that are open to society, aware of social developments and who aim to connect to their audiences. At Dansmakers, makers get the opportunity to develop themselves further as critical, autonomous dance-artists with their own artistic signature.


Two of the residencies are in collaboration with ICK Amsterdam

ICK, led by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, is a cutting-edge dance company that produces international dance performances, collaborations with guest artists and and initiates educational and research projects. www.ickamsterdam.com


New Adventures Residency

The  residency will last 4 weeks, taking place between November 2019 and April 2020. The resident will receive artistic advice and guidance as well as support in production, publicity and promotion. We offer professional coaching and expertise in the development of the concept both before and during the process of working, reflection, network, promotion and facilities. We offer studio space, 2 public presentations at Dansmakers Podium with technical facilities and an evaluation at the end. The resident will receive a budget to cover basic out of pocket costs. Take into account that the budget is modest and needs to be shared when applying with more than one artist. We cannot cover international travel costs or housing/accommodation during the residency.


We believe in the value of sharing and exchanging. This relates to your research and practice and opening up the process to the audience and peers. Therefore two makers  will be working during the same period of time, inhabiting the same house and simultaneously working on their own process with their crew in order to create plenty of inspirational exchange. During the working period they visit each others rehearsals and reflect not only on their own work but also on the others’ process. Each residency ends with two evenings of public presentations of max. 30 minutes each performance, where the two makers will be presented in a double-bill at Dansmakers Podium. With these performances we aim to facilitate encounters with other professionals, potential programmers and audience and enable feedback in an informal, attractive way.


The artist

  • Has an innovative, great idea and an urge to share the possible outcome of this idea with an audience.
  • Works physically and starts his/her research from the body
  • Is working as a professional artist
  • Is linked to or based in Amsterdam
  • Is ambitious to achieve her/his goals.

We are not looking for a specific dance-style – the final shape is open. The maker can work either purely in the discipline, at the borders of the discipline or interdisciplinary, as long as the focus of the work departs from the (moving) body.


The Procedure

Please complete the online form before May 27th containing

  • Short CV, Biography & Portrait
  • Working Title
  • Idea
  • Motivation and urgency
  • Two images of previous work or relevant imagery of the research project
  • One relevant videolink of previous work
  • Website/URL’s where more information can be found.


Subscribers will hear after 30-06-2019 whether or not they are invited to elaborate on their ideas during a conversation, which will take place in the first two weeks of July. 


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