Not on this Earth - The Void of Longing (2020) - Keren Rosenberg

Not On This Earth - The Void of Longing


If we were to be given the possibility to re-create a new space based on everything that we know, what kind of space will it be? Which value system will it hold?

On stage two bodies are constructing and deconstructing a new piece of land, with their bodies and for their bodies.

Their journey is tough and demanding. The land is fake and unyielding, the sound threatens to flood it all, their energy and flesh is their only driving force.

Together they will form a new skin.


Not On This Earth - The Void of Longingis a physical and spiritual journey that seeks to bring the body back in time - to its primal roots, to its essential form: boundless and pure. It is a prayer for freedom from the social restrictions of gender, nationality, color and religion. 



"Her presentation (...) has been a strong and intensive moment. The audience has been through a deep experience, with a lot of images, truly embodied by these two generous performers. *


Keren Rosenberg (IL) is an Amsterdam based performer, choreographer and movement researcher. With her artistic voice Keren seeks to articulate a physical and social political gaze over the body and the environment it functions in. She establishes with her voice hybrid experiences for audiences between a night-club and a stage, between a rock concert and an exhibition hall, collaborating with soulmate artists from the fields of Photography, Film, Design and Sound.  Keren is artist in residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam, supported by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund.


Concept & Choreography: Keren Rosenberg Performers & Collaborators: Nik Rajšek & Keren Rosenberg Composition: Richard  van Kruysdijk Light design: Ate Jan van Kampen Dramaturgy: Jesus de Vega Producer: Florain Verheijen Coaching: Suzy Blok Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam Photography: Alwin Poiana Publicity design Story Filler Made with Support of Fonds Podium Kunsten, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Dansmakers Amsterdam.


*Quote: Laurent Meheust, artistic directeur KLAP, Maison de la Danse  


TOURDATA, upcoming:

29-09-2020     Theater Bellevue | AMSTERDAM

01-10-2020     Theater Kikker | UTRECHT 


Beeld ©Alwin Poiana

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