Nominations Moving Forward Trajectory '18/'19

The Moving Forward trajectory offers to one graduated and promising choreographer the unique chance to develop themselves and their work during one year. The Trajectory forms the bridge from education to the professional working field, in which the maker has access to an existing network an has the chance to develop a new performance. Made possible with the the artistic and professional support of dance makers, Random Collision Amsterdam, dance workshops, DansBrabant and the new East. An initiative of dance makers Amsterdam and Amsterdam dance group. 


The selected choreographers for the Makers Intensive 2018 are Antonia Steffens, School voor Nieuwe Dansontwikkeling (SNDO - AHK, Amsterdam), Andreas Hannes, SNDO - AHK Amsterdam and Piet Van Dycke, Fontys, Tilburg.



Antonia Steffens


Antonia Steffens (1992, DE) graduated from the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. Her works usually go in dialogue with practices of the unseen, imagination, metaphysics, dreams. She has a background in martial arts and counts painting, writing and make up to her artistic practices. In 2016 she held the dance web scholarship under Tino Sehgal.


Metamotion for 270degrees 

“Metamotion for 270degrees” is loosely based on the biblical story of Salome. The work uses the young, dancing female body to construct an architecture of myths around femininity in western art history. Through entering and exiting different images, the performer goes in dialogue with time and objects and its associated references and narratives. Meanwhile, the performer constantly changes roles. Trying to keep a myth alive, as well as sabotaging and decomposing it; investigating the relevance by doing so in front of an audience’s gaze. 



Andreas Hannes


Andreas Hannes (1987, GR) studied classical percussion at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece, before moving to the Netherlands. In 2018 he graduated from the SNDO - School for New Dance Development. His artistic practice evolves around the notion and tension of distances (relational, physical and metaphysical), between bodies, histories, traditions and disciplines.


The City

THE CITY is the first stage presentation of the, in-development, practice of continuous skipping (as in skipping down the street). Two performers create pathways and outline geometric shapes by skipping continuously, while repositioning themselves in the imaginary grid of a city. Skipping is a practice of hope, a joyous engagement with the passing through time and space. 



Piet Van Dycke


Piet Van Dycke (1996, BE) graduated as a choreographer in 2018 at Fontys, School of Fine and Performing Arts. During his time at the university he became the recipient of the Jacques de Leeuw award in the performing category. Together with Jonas & Nele Vermeulen he became the founder of the collective dOFt in 2016. Collective dOFt was awarded a cultural prize in December 2017 from the city of Leuven.



A 'dummy' is someone who knows little or nothing about a certain topic. They follow the perfect step-by-step plan to stay in contact with one another. But what if you do everything exactly according to the rules? Is that still communication? DUMMIES shows the encounter of two individuals who maintain the same rules and therefore have the same chance to understand or clash with reality. Are we all going through life as a dummy? 



During the Moving Forward Performance Night, Antonia Steffens and Andreas Hannes show their graduation performances. Prior to the Moving Forward night, the nominees amongst others, go into a two-week residency at Dansmakers Amsterdam, led by choreographer Liat Waysbort. They deepen and fine-tune their practice and creative process.




WHEN: 9 Nov, 20:00

WHERE: Dansmakers Podium



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