Dear friend, artist, dance lover,


Dansmakers Amsterdam is on the eve of a new adventure. This year Dansmakers Amsterdam, formerly Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, celebrates its 27th anniversary! This is quite a milestone. Now the time has come for a big and radical change. From 2021 we will join forces with ICK Dans Amsterdam. In this way we can continue to make progress and increase the opportunities for new talent.


We look back at 27 years of talent development. So much has happened in all those years. Most important, many talented young artists were given the opportunity to develop their choreographic signature and spread their wings to a national and international arena. They had the opportunity to keep searching and experimenting in the safety of our home, while pushing the boundaries of dance as an art form.


In recent years, after we had to face the cuts in subsidies, we have been through quite a struggle to preserve the building. Thanks to the support of you, artists and audience, and thanks to the programmes we have produced together, we have been successful! The last few years have therefore also been a highlight, with a lot of positive and warm feedback.


Dansmakers as a production house and as a name will end as such. But the content will continue to grow under the umbrella of ICK Dans Amsterdam (Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten). Suzy Blok will be head of ICK Artist Space, which will fulfil the function of production house. The ongoing projects, trajectories and expertise of Dansmakers will find continuity at ICK Artist Space. Through synchronicity and exchange with the other pillars of ICK: Company and Academy, we aim to enrich the possibilities for talent development and broaden the scope.


The great space we built in Amsterdam North will be further developed as a home for young culture. We are working closely with theatre maker and talent developer Likeminds, who will manage the place. In this way we’ll co-create a house for interdisciplinary work and daring crossovers. This multidisciplinary approach supports the openness we have in mind for a vibrant place in Amsterdam Noord: Podium Noord.


We will continue to welcome you all to this wonderful place, we will continue to support makers and feed you with new talent. We will do this from 2021 under the name ICK Artist Space.


Thank you very much for the wonderful years. And we are already looking forward to share this new adventure with you. See you soon!



Kind regards,


Suzy Blok

and a warm farewell to our Dansmakers team

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