New Adventures presents Antonia Steffens with Sigrid Stigstatter

Fresh ideas and new adventures in a performance by emerging performance artist and choreographer in residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam. With New Adventures Residents  Antonia Steffens in collaboration with Sigrid Stigsdatter.

WHEN: Wed 10.04 & Thu 11.04, 20:30

WHERE: Dansmakers Podium


Antonia Steffens with Sigrid Stigsdatter - SPINNER

Antonia Steffens (DE) and Sigrid Stigsdatter (DK) got to know each other during their studies at School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (SNDO). In their previous collaboration The Coordinates (2017) they discovered a mutual interest in investigating the very autonomous dynamic of a work in process and how it has the ability of building and directing itself. For this creation they reunited to have a second look at this dynamic.



In Spinner, Antonia and Sigrid immerse into Synchronicity (C.Jung), telepathy and the connection between beings. Beings, here, are equal collaborators made out of human and non human material. Collectively, touching the idea of an empty space and how to complete it, they bring in dance, sound, set design and equipment. Through this they build a language detecting gateways towards new meanings.


New Adventures 2018 - 2019


In this series, a number of research projects by emerging artists are selected for a residency. During a four week period, choreographers and collectives use the studio and theatre as a laboratory for innovation in dance and performance art. The result is shared with the audience. This edition is a coproduction with ICK Amsterdam.


The New Adventures Residents 2018/19 are Moreno Perna (ism ICK), Moa Holgersson & Isadora Tomasi, CHRONOS (ism ICK), Lois Alexander, Karel Tuytschaever (ism. ICK), Antonia Steffens

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