New Adventures presents Lois Alexander - Chronos

Fresh ideas and new adventures in two performances by emerging performance artists and choreographers in residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK Amsterdam. With New Adventures Residents Lois Alexander and CHRONOS.

WHEN: SA 2 FEB, 20:30 - SU 3 FEB, 15:00

WHERE: Dansmakers Podium


CHRONOS - The sea is where you think it is

Experience and play with the potential of your choices

We are our choices.These words by Jean-Paul Sartre resonate in The sea is where you think it is, a dance performance that exists in the here and now. Every moment in our lives offers an endless amount of choices and opportunities to make and take. What withholds us from choosing the unexpected, the decision to do something new? The sea is where you think it is is an experience between dancer and audience in which they discover and play with the potential of their choices.


The sea is where you think it isis a coproduction with Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK, and is made possible thanks to Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.


CHRONOS is a young Amsterdam collective of four independent dance artists. They are all graduates from the Modern Theatre Dance at the Amsterdam School for the Arts. As Chronos, they create physical and poetic dance theatre, which is open and critical towards society. Their work was shown in theatres and festivals including Moving Futures Festival in 2015, and this year at Delft Fringe Festival and Julidans. www.chronos.dance


Concept: Charlotte Mathiessen, Coralie Merle, Vera Goetzee and Sarah Soethoudt Creation and performance: Charlotte Mathiessen, Coralie Merle and Vera Goetzee Music and composition: Yonga Sun Scenography: Geartsje van der Zee Light design: Durante van Kuijk
The sea is where you think it is is a coproduction with Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK, and is made possible thanks to Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

CHRONOS Collective is Vera Goetzee (NL, 1993), Charlotte Mathiessen (CH, 1993), Coralie Merle (CH, 1993), Sarah Soethoudt (NL, 1994)




Lois Alexander - Neptune (working title)

A dance installation unveiling the nature of water and people

Water can occur in three states – ice, liquid, or vapor – it is always a subject of change. In this second part of a series about the elements of Nature, Neptune will focus on water. In the form of a dance installation, it  questions the ability of nature and people to alter in form, appearance, or nature. The performance will unveil itself through movement and large scale objects. Neptune is a collaboration with scenopgrapher Nina Kay.



Lois Alexander (US, 1991) is a graduate from the Juilliard School in New York. In 2014 she moved to Europe and danced for various choreographers and directors. The solo Fading Fire (2018) was her debut as a choreographer and premiered at You Better Move #4 (Dansmakers Amsterdam). www.loislalexander.com

Concept & performance: Lois Alexander Scenography: Nina Kay Music: Sander Baas



New Adventures 2018 - 2019


In this series, a number of research projects by emerging artists are selected for a residency. During a four week period, choreographers and collectives use the studio and theatre as a laboratory for innovation in dance and performance art. The result is shared with the audience. This edition is a coproduction with ICK Amsterdam.


The New Adventures Residents 2018/19 are Moreno Perna (ism ICK), Moa Holgersson & Isadora Tomasi, CHRONOS (ism ICK), Lois Alexander, Karel Tuytschaever (ism. ICK), Antonia Steffens

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