Moving Futures travels to Amsterdam

The most talked-about work of five national dance production houses gathered together in one traveling festival. Of the musical duet to maniacal performance: see how a generation new makers of stretches the limits of dance effortlessly.

WHEN: Wo 22.05 t/m za 25.05

WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam & Theater Bellevue



Are you looking for a connection, do you want to explore and stretch your (your) limits and do you like to move? Experience the Moving Futures Festival in Amsterdam from 22 to 25 May with a daily interactive and inspiring program full of dance performances, music, film and in-depth conversations.




WED 22.05, 19:45, Dance without Border

19:45 Swirling Dance act and Aperitif for everybody! >>>

20:30 Evening Programme

Bored to Death - Judith Clijsters

Not On This Earth - Keren Rosenberg & Charlie Prince (première)

And also: Cinedans Film Programme, swirling dansacts CHRONOS/MTD (CS), openingsreception



THU 23.05

13:30 Professionals program - Dansmakers & DAS Theatre*

16:30 Notes on Synchrony - Random Collision & Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

*more info via ruth@dansmakers.nl




THU 23.05, 20:00 - Millennial Fever

Lullaby - Piet Van Dycke & Annemijn Rijk

Chameleon - Joseph Simon

Dansact: S - Dasom Lee (3SNDO)  

And also: Cinedans Film Programme, swirling dansacts CHRONOS/MTD (CS & Leidseplein), After Dance Meet & Greet



FRI 24.05, 20:00 - Spectacular & Alienating

Choreopop - Jesús de Vega & Chai Blaq / LouLou Elisabetti

Die Verwandlung - Sophie Mayeux

Dansact: Alienation - Karlijn Roest - 8 dansers (MTD)

And also: Cinedans Film Programme, swirling dansacts CHRONOS/MTD (CS & Leidseplein), After Dance Meet & Greet




SA 25.05, 20:00 - Music & Dance. And Party!

Panflutes & Paperworks - Ingrid Berger Myhre & Lasse Passage

Pode Ser - Leila Ka / Aerowaves

Party! - Short performances Moreno Perna & Gergő Dávid Farkas (3MTD) & DJ

And also: Cinedans Film Programme




Pode Ser: Hiphop, classical  music and contemporal dance in one powerful international solo, a boxing fight that the individual towards the world places


Première Not on this Earth one comes from Israel, the other from Lebanon. Two historically separated bodies bring a dance duet on conflict and borders and the power of dance to bridge this.


Dancer and musician play with each others discipline in the hilaric duet  Panflutes & Paperworks.


Be surprised in advance by swirling dance acts of CHRONOS on the Central Station and Leidseplein. Their choreography will be performed by students of the Academy for Theatre and Dance.

In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, there is another visitors' programme for international guests. This year, international choreographers will also visit the festival with the support of the Carte Blanche programme of the European Dancehouse Network.




From February 7 2019, the innovative dance festival Moving Futures travels for the fifth time through various cities in the Netherlands. In an equally refreshing and versatile program, a quirky generation with starting and more advanced dance and performance artists will pass you by. They shine just as hard on the ferry, in the cinema and in the middle of the shopping street (no dancing thresholds!) And on stage. With performances, open studios, workshops, essays, bubble chat and bingo, Moving Futures will keep you on top of everything.







7-9 Feb


Stadstheater & Theater a/d Rijn

15-16 Feb



20-22 Feb



11-13 Mar


Theater Kikker

16-17 Mar


Grand Theatre

5 - 6 April


Podium Bloos

2-3 May

Den Haag


9-11 May


NWE Vorst

16-18 May



22-25 May


Theater Bellevue & Dansmakers podium

20 June


Zwolse Theaters




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