MOVING FORWARD: new residency trajectory

New residency program for the winner of ITs Krisztina de Châtel Award.

Recently you received a press release about the Moving Forward trajectory that was linked to the ITs Krisztina de Chatel award 2015. Unfortunately this award is not handed out this year. The Moving Forward trajectory will be pushed through by Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansgroep Amsterdam and the Futures Moving partners, but the selection will be disconnected from the award. We currently work, with partners, on a new selection procedure for choosing the starting choreographer who is offered this particular springboard project. Further, the Moving Forward trajectory remains the same as previously announced:
Moving Forward is a new residence trajectory initiated by Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansgroep Amsterdam and ITs Festival. In collaboration with the Moving Futures partners Dansateliers, DansBrabant, Generale Oost and Random Collision, one just graduated talented choreographer is offered the unique opportunity to develop him or herself for one year and to familiarize with the professional Dutch dance field. The choreographer who will participate in the trajectory will be selected by an expert jury and is the winner of the upcoming ITs Krisztina de Châtel Award in 2015.

Moving Forward - trajectory
The participating choreographer receives during this Moving Forward trajectory the opportunity to further develop his work and network with the help of five Dutch dance houses. He / she makes a new performance, supported by the expertise and knowledge of the partners. They offer the maker dramaturgic and artistic guidance, publicitair- and productionally advice, workshops, studio-, presentation- and montage time in order to come to a special new piece, which will premiere at Dansmakers aan 't IJ during ITs Festivalin 2016. The trajectory provides a fertile bridging from education to the professional field, where the maker has direct access to an existing network.
The trajectory is funded by Dansgroep Amsterdam. With this trajectory they give a boost to the employment for dancers and choreographers. The project is managed by Dansmakers Amsterdam in collaboration with the choreographer and partners.
After the first pilot year, Moving Forward is evaluated and continued until 2018.


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