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Masterclass met danser en choreograaf Ido Batash* & psychologe Anna de Hoog

No dance experience needed


The masterclass Leadership through Movement is a collaboration project between Random Collision and the University of Groningen. Guided by a professional choreographer and social psychologist, the participants explore how they, through movement, posture, groupdynamics and expression, can become more aware of their skills for leadership.

People sometimes emerge as leaders because of the way they behave. They have charisma, a clear presence, or a natural gift to connect with their followers. But what about their behavior makes them a good leader? This masterclass is open to everyone. No experience required.

The workshop is given by* dancer and choreographer Ido Batash and psychologist Anne de Hoog


De workshop is ontwikkeld door Random Collision en een team sociaal psycholoog van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Eerder ontwikkelden ze samen Experiment B+, een experiment en voorstelling in een, dat het effect van voorstellingen op sociale relaties onderzocht. Experiment B+ was te zien tijdens het Moving Futures festival in 2015-2016.

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Ido Batash is a dancer, teacher and independent choreographer. As a performer he danced in a.o. work by les ballets C de la B /  Alain Platel and collaborated in projects by Idan Cohen, Talia Back and Roy Assaf. Since 2012 is supported by Random Collision in Groningen. Next to his own artistic work he closely collaborates with makers, artists and scientists from different backgrounds and disciplines.


The workshop was developed by Random Collision and a team of social psychologist at the University of Groningen. They developed together Experiment B +, an experiment and performance into  that examined the effect of performances on social relations. Experiment B + was seen at Moving Futures festival in 2015-2016.


*In Utrecht the masterclass is given by dancer and choreographer Amos Ben-Tal:

Amos Ben-Tal has been dancing at the Nederlands Dans Theater for nine years. As a choreographer he has been developing his working under the umbrella of Korzo productions for many years. In 2012 he started his own dance-collective OFFprojects with whom he created a.o. OFFline (2014), Might (2015) and Howl (2017). In 2015 he was nominated for the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days. In 2016 he won the Dioraphte Prize for the concept of Howl, a collaboration between singer-songwriter/poet Spinvis.





What does the participant says?

“ The most interesting realization through the master class was that stepping out of your comfort zone brings people together. ”

“ I think that with theory alone you don’t really know how leadership works. You have to act on it in order to understand and that is exactly what this master class did. “

“ I am very surprised by the content of this masterclass and even more surprised about the fact how much I have learned, about leadership and even about myself as a person and as a leader.”

“ Because of this masterclass I have realized that being a good leader does not just depend on traits the leader has. I now recognize that leadership is largely dependent on the group that is led. “

“What makes a good leader?” Before the workshop, I would have said a strong personality and body language that fits to it. Afterwards I think it is more about taking on the responsibility for others, enjoying it, be kind, support everybody, and always focus on the group goals instead of your individual ones.

“ I told so many people about the masterclass; about almost all the exercises, about the experiential approach and about the motivated group and the cool (group and inter-individual) processes I experienced. ”

“ This workshop was hands down one of the most interesting things that I have done, and that is says something as I have participated in endless teambuilding activities and workshops, classes, group meditations, improvisational dance and the like. ” 




FR 30.30, 15:00 - 17:00  Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdam

Onderdeel van Moving Futures Dansfestival 




Reservation required: send a mail to info@dansmakers.nl and mention the city of your choice.



Moving Futures dansfestival 2018

As of January 25th, 2018 the contemporary dance festival Moving Futures again travels through the Netherlands. The festival presents the most prominent young artists of the moment connected to the five Dutch dance houses Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansateliers, DansBrabant, De Nieuwe Oost and Random Collision. In eight different theaters throughout the country the audience gets a peek behind the scenes of a new generation of contemporary dance makers. www.movingfutures.nl




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