Dansmakers Amsterdam & ICK Welcomes

Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK draw attention to the work of new choreographic talent with the Dutch premiere of Neptune by Lois Alexander and with Tipping Point, new work by Aleksandra Lemm.

WHEN: 6 & 7 Feb, 20:30
WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam




In the form of a physical and visual dance performance, created in close collaboration between Lois Alexander and scenographer Nina Kay, Neptune highlights the states of water - solid, liquid, gas, which are always in transition. Neptune further washes away illusions that can evade the self and obstruct the natural process. This performance reflects on the reality of having an existence that is racialized, politicized, and sexualized. Neptune is an attempt to liberate oneself through returning to earth’s natural resources. More Info >>>


Lois Alexander (VS, 1991) is afgestudeerd aan de Juilliard School in New York. In 2014 verhuisde ze naar Europa en danste ze voor verschillende choreografen en regisseurs, zoals Stijn Celis, Christoph Winkler en Zufit Simon. Lois laat zich met haar choreografieën inspireren door natuurlijke processen en gebeurtenissen. Door te werken met tijd, ruimte, verandering en transformatie is Lois nieuwsgierig hoe ze nieuwe dimensies aan haar ervaringen kan geven.www.loislalexander.com


Choreografie, concept, performance Lois Alexander Scenografie, concept, lichtontwerp Nina Kay Compositie Shannon Sea Artistiek adviesSuzy Blok, Fernando Belfiore Productie Dansmakers Amsterdam Met steun van AFK 3Package Deal 






The notion of “Tipping point” has been used lately in relation to climate change and has been referred to as “a place of no return”. The term itself addresses a temporary space between suspension and movement, gaining and losing shape, sound and silence, clarity and chaos.
The performance explores this notion through movement, dance, lights and music. Two dancers put their bodies in off-balance which lead them to reflect upon sustainability and finding new ways to a seemingly limited situation.


Aleksandra Lemm (PL) is an Amsterdam based choreographer, performer and dancer. Graduated in 2015 from the SNDO in Amsterdam. She has been developing an artistic practice that questions the notion of authority, control and power in relation to performer body and his surroundings. Her last works include Rave (2015) and BLUE (2018). She is supported by ICK Amsterdam.


Concept and creation: Aleksandra Lemm In close collaboration with: Federica Dalla Pozza Performers: Aleksandra Lemm & Federica Dalla Pozza Dramaturgic advice: Jesse Vanhoeck Sound: Simon van Leunen  Technical advice: Maarten Heijdra Supported by: ICK Amsterdam

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