Likeminds bedankt! 2020

It is time to thank Likeminds again! The festival where you will see the very latest work of our makers on 17, 18 and 19 December in Amsterdam Noord.
WHEN: 17, 18 & 19 Dec, 20:00
WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam

With one ticket you can see all performances in one evening. Four totally different performances by totally different makers, with urgent themes in a surprising form research. Performances about being watched, judged and limited, and about how to break out of it. As an opera, as a monologue or as an extreme performance, with electronic music or a life song by Corry Brokken.
Zigeunerkind met traan by Giovanni Brand
Hümeyra by Dilan Yurdakul
Mannish by Steff Geelen
NO MORE ZOMBIE SHIT een opera by Edna Azulay & Lila Payens
Zigeunerkind met traan  - Giovanni Brand
An attempt at reconciliation: if you are treated like scum for long enough, you will believe in it.
If you are descended from the Roma, can you also feel and call yourself Roma, even though you have not been to the Gypsy caravan camp for more than ten years? And is it true that you are not welcome at that trailer park if you have come out of the closet? And are Roma, in turn, being stared at and getting the cold shoulder by the whole world? Giovanni Brand follows a search for his roots that is full of judgments and prejudices and follows narrow margins of understanding and acceptance. He finds out that judgments are in our nature, just as the Roma blood is in him. You can ignore it, but it is undeniable. This performance is a collage of judgments.
Made and played by: Giovanni Brand
Final direction: Lynn Schutter
Costume: The nightmare disorder
Construction decor: Gino Post
Hümeyra - Dilan Yurdakul
18 December 2018, 16-year-old Hümeyra is shot by her ex on a schoolyard in Rotterdam. Half a year before her death she reported more than 30 times. The questions surrounding this tragic murder are endless. How could this have happened? Could this murder have been prevented? Was her death caused by fate? Why did no one really help her?
Dilan Yurdakul wrote a penetrating monologue in which all questions and triggers are approached from a personal perspective and in which she tries to find answers to these questions through a reconstruction.
A lecture performance about disbelief, shame, guilt and innocence, in which we see this drama through the eyes of Hümeyra.
Concept, text and play: Dilan Yurdakul 
Guidance: José Montoya 
Music: Stijn Hoes
Mannish - Steff Geelen
Mannish is a personal, philosophical investigation of the male gaze, of watching and being watched.
A rite de passage.
An exorcism ceremony.
A performance in drag.
A physical essay.
A car experiment.
The change happening in me is the metamorphosis of an era.
Mannish is a collaboration between Steff Geelen and Pleun Gremmen and is about how you can look back, change the direction of your own gaze when it seems to be fixed in advance.
Mannish was made possible in part by the 3Package Deal, a development budget of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.
By: Steff Geelen
Image creator: Pleun Gremmen
Text guidance: Martijn de Rijk
Final direction: Eva Line de Boer
NO MORE ZOMBIE SHIT an opera - Edna Azulay & Lila Payens
While you're digging your own grave, we're finding joy in resistance: come join the army of the tramps
In a world of failing systems, a world where corruption is visibly on the surface, but is not getting any better, with companies forcing you to meditate so that you are Happier and More Productive, a world where your boss is an algorithm and never says you did well, a world where symptom management is seemingly enough, In a world where the one who reveals the truth is gagged, where we scroll past self-healing accounts in bullet points until we no longer feel our bodies (and are still quite mediocre, and insecurely attached), in a world where the concept of divide and rule still exists, Lila and Edna are looking for ways to break through fixed and restrictive structures. A grotesque, musical ode to the messiness, the anger, the madness, the unreasonable, the irrational, the unsalable, the seemingly useless, the hope beyond cynicism, the physical, the desire, the not immediately grasping, the imagination.
Text and performance: Edna Azulay and Lila Payens
Music and design: interbellum
Final direction: Tomas Pevenage

About likeminds

Likeminds is a producer and network of polyphonic theatre makers who use the city as a source of inspiration and stage. Our performances and audience structure reflect Amsterdam: diverse, dynamic and idiosyncratic.

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