Jija Sohn goes to the international Artdanthé dance Festival in France

For the nineteenth time -from February 25th to April 1st 2017- the Théatre de Vanves presents the international Artdanthé dance Festival and this year Jija Sohn is one of the dance makers who represents the Netherlands and particularly the Network of Moving Forward.
The festival makes an annual selection from all performances that young and experienced choreographers produced worldwide with artists from Brazil, Iran, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Japan, Israel, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands .... Not only do they show us the highlights, their selection is also an illustration of the diversity of the contemporary (dance) world. This is not just rich and diverse, it is as well an an echo of the complexity of the contemporary world and of the profound changes and challenges where humans (and makers) have to deal with.
This year, the Netherlands is in the spotlight with whom the festival Arthdanthé has for over 10 years a cultural bond with. And, besides the new collaboration with DansBrabant, they mention in particular the Dutch Moving Forward network, in which five dance production houses including Dansmakers Amsterdam brings the work of talentede, recently graduated makers uinder the attention. Jija Sohn, was the winner of the Moving Forward Trajectory in 2016. With the necessary financial, business, artistic and promotional support, she realized the new work: Geisha Miracle (Theaterkrant ***). Jija Sohn presents this show during the festival on Tuesday 7 March. In addition, there is the work from among others Evangelos Biskas (nominee of the Moving Forward Young Dance Makers  Award 2017) and one can (re)discover performances of artists as Ann van den Broek and Jan Martens. 
Beside modern and contemporary dance, the festival shows us theater, music visual arts and performances. This year, the artist François Olislaeger gave the visual identity to the festival.


Practical info:

Watch the trailer of the festival >>>
Festival Artdanthe, 25/02 - 1/04 2017 at Théatre de Vanves >>>
7 March 2017 19:30 Jija Sohn presents Geisha's Miracle

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