Henotic - SNDO Graduation 2020

To our regret we had to cancel the concert / performance of Henotic due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.
In connection with this, we inform you that - given the exceptional situation - we will only be able to inform you about the handling of this at a later stage.


We ask for your understanding.


The graduating year of SNDO presents HENOTIC Finale, the first part of twoProgram ONE in DANSMAKERS with works by: Yannick Bosc, Dasom Lee, Ingeborg Meier Andersen and Naomie Pieter.

WHEN: 13 & 14 maart, 19:00 - 23:00

WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam

It is our pleasure to invite you to HENOTIC Finale - SNDO Graduation 2020, the first series of performances taking place in March in Dansmakers and Frascati in Amsterdam.

This year’s SNDO graduates are Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Yannick Bosc, Jette Loona Hermanis, Dasom Lee, Fernanda Libman Fonseca, Ingeborg Meier Andersen, Carolina Papetti, Naomie Pieter, Johhan Rosenberg and Tamir Eting.

FRIDAY 13 March, 19:00 - 23:00


SATURDAY 14 March, 19:00 - 23:00




THU 19, FRI 20, SAT 21 MARCH 19.00 @ FRASCATI 4 with works by: Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Jette Loona Hermanis and Johhan Rosenberg

Tickets: https://www.frascatitheater.nl/agenda


THU 26, FRI 27, SAT 28 MARCH 19.00 @ FRASCATI 4 with works by: Tamir Eting, Fernanda Libman Fonseca, Carolina Papetti

Tickets: https://www.frascatitheater.nl/agenda


The SNDO - School for New Dance Development - offers a full time four-year professional education course leading to a Bachelor's degree in Art – Choreography. The school was founded in 1975 as an attempt to find new directions for dance next to the existing forms and styles that dominated the field. After forty years, the SNDO remains inquisitive, open minded, and in the foreground of progressive developments in the fields of dance and performance. In the curriculum, the school establishes the conditions from which the creativity of the student can emerge. Reflection on the specific qualities of dance and performance as art forms is developed, and awareness of the body and the artistic, social and political implications of working with it take precedence.



mentor SNDO 4: Ana Vujanović; Production manager: Norma Schiphof; Light designer and head of technique: Martin Kaffarnik; Technical assistance: Rik van der Veen; SNDO production and PR coordinator Eline Oosterbroek; graphic design: Simo Tse
SNDO artistic director: Bojana Mladenović

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