Four stars for Tremble in the Volkskrant

**** De Volkskrant

"Andreas Hannes has elevated the skip to heart and essence. So again in his performance Tremble, which is an intoxicating experience."  



"In Tremble four springy bodies navigate through white space. They build an architectural work of art, an invisible map that dissolves as soon as it is 'drawn'. They enter our field of vision, create bends and eights, braid lines in and out of each other and test their endurance. Footwork jumps rhythmically and ingeniously - this is where the percussionist shows himself. And they keep the ecstasy precisely in check."
Annette Embrechts voor de Volkskrant




WHEN: 18.02.20 
WHERE: Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam

21.03.20 Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam22.03.20 Festival Cement, Den Bosch
24.04.20 Korzo, Den Haag
28.04.20 Theater Kikker, Utrecht
07.05.20 LUX, Nijmegen
14.05.20 Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg
16.05.20 Grand Theatre, Groningen
05.06.20 Podium Bloos, Breda

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