Dance Festival Moving Futures 2017 is coming to Amsterdam

Dance festival

Behind the world of selfies, advertising and video clips, the vulnerable man comes into play. A look behind the scenes of the new generation dance makers.


From 2 to 5 February, Moving Futures Amsterdam presents four feature-length programs in which the opportunities in the current dance discipline be explored and deepened. Moving Futures is a travelling dance festival in which the latest generation of makers of five dance production houses are in the spotlight. In eight cities of the Netherlands, the visitor get a look behind the scenes of contemporary dance. The Amsterdam Edition will take place in theater Bellevue, Dansmakers Podium and in unexpected places in the city. 

With multiple performances each evening and a rich context program, Moving Futures Amsterdam exposes both the diversity and the similarities between this new makers. In four extremely various festival evenings we zoom in on that the makers are preoccupied with. Ancient themes as identity, time, relationships and authenticity are magnified under a contemporary eye. What in particular emerges is how multi-and intercultural the artists are. They sustain in a mediatized world and wonder 'who am I?. What if the world is a stage?’ Nothing is clear-cut yet. By presenting multiple performances in one night and by providing a context program (lecture, workshops, interactive programs and installations of scientists, artists, dance and film makers), it is made possible to broaden the perspective of each performance. 


Moving Futures is at once an accessible festival. The visitor and maker can meet each other in a relaxed manner and room is being made for mutual feedback. With Pass the Glass a dialogue between visitor and maker is carried out in exchange for a glass of wine. The interactive context program Edit this Post by DoMayn voor Kunstkritiek, the public from the various cities are applied as a reporter. And exclusive to Amsterdam, hip hop dancer Junadry Leocaria is providing every performance of Instant Body Feedback.


The festival is also approaching the people: in unexpected places in the city you will be surprised by Flash Mobs: swirling dance by students of the AHK as a preview on the festival.



Supported byVSB Fonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Janivo, Aerowaves, BNG, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Eureopen Dancehouse Network, Fonds 21, Fonds podiumkunsten, Dioraphte, Young Artfund Amsterdam, BNG Cultuurfonds, Domein Voor Kunstkritiek, Cinedans.




Moving Futures Amsterdam is part of the travelling dance festival Moving Futures 2017. 

For the third time in a row, as of 25 January 2017, the contemporary dance festival Moving Futures is touring again in the Netherlands. The festival presents the most leading young dance makers of the time from the production houses of the five Dutch dance houses: Dansmakers Amsterdam, DansAteliers, DansBrabant, Generale Oost and Random Collision. In ten different theatres by the country, the audience gets a look behind the scenes of the new generation of contemporary dance makers.

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