Moreno creates a showcase for the successes of the internet

40 years Uitmarkt
With the Uitmarkt we annually celebrate the national opening of the cultural season. In 2017, this largest cultural festival of the Netherlands exists 40 years. Dansmakers Amsterdam is present onm Sunday August 27th with a performance by Moreno Perna.

Sunday August 27th Scheepvaartmuseum
Podium – binnenplein

12 uur Cecilia Moisio

13 uur n.t.b.
14 uur Leine Roebana / Solid Ground Movement
15 uur Dario Tortorelli
16 uur Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
17 uur Dansmakers Amsterdam with Moreno Perna
18 uur Gross Dance Company 

More info: www.uitmarkt.nl 

About LDRC >>>
Moreno Perna navigates in LDRC through the enormous amount of images from Wonderland internet. Images and videos reign with own rules and strange logic. Moreno creates a showcase in which he polishes and exposes every success. The successes are massive: the videos that go viral, the GIF's that are shared, pictures from Facebook and Youtube that are burned on our retina. But ce can handle all of this, respond to or communicate with it? Moreno will attempt. He reveals himself as a mediator between the visual flow of information from the internet and the public, desperate for the meaning between all the madness.

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