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Amsterdam is under threat of losing its production house for dance. This is a result of the minimization of the multi-year subsidy from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) to Dansmakers Amsterdam. Support this petition! Don’t allow a situation that will affect the Amsterdam, Dutch and international dance field to suffer negative consequences for years to come. Read what we want to achieve with this petition. 
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Dear colleagues, partners, trusted friends and valued visitors of Dansmakers Amsterdam,


We want to share our concern with you. Amsterdam could loose its production house for dance and we are deeply worried about this. This is a form of capital destruction where not only young, talented and ambitious dance makers will soon feel the effects, but a threatening situation as well for the Amsterdam and also the Dutch and international dance sector, that will have negative consequences for years to come. Help us communicate the necessity to have an essential place for talent development and production, with sufficient means, in the dance sector. We ask you for your support to propagate a beautiful, innovative and diverse offering in dance.
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The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) has brought the structural financing of Dansmakers Amsterdam to woefully insufficient level for the period 2017-2020. That means that the existence of the Amsterdam production house for dance cannot be guaranteed. Dansmakers Amsterdam focuses on the development of the new generation of contemporary choreographers and offers them a local and (inter)national network. Dance houses and theatres in the Netherlands and around the world, are bringing work of choreographers who have started their career at Dansmakers Amsterdam. Dansmakers Amsterdam is not only production house, but also centre of knowledge and platform where the discourse on contemporary dance transcends the borders of Amsterdam.(the petition >>>)


  • We are concerned about the generation of dance makers that will soon have less facilities and expertise available to them.
  • We are concerned about the quality and diversity of their work, because if resources are reduced for research, development, coaching, and creation it will irrevocably lead to delayed and dulling of makers’ artistic qualities.
  • We are concerned that minimal availability of dance presentation space will effect how the artists connect to their audience, an essential point for how artists’ content is developed and communicated.
  • We are concerned about innovation in dance, because how little time and resources there are affects how much or how little artistic risk can be taken.
  • We are concerned about contemporary dance in the Netherlands, because the essential link between professional education and the podiums, festivals and companies will be broken.
  • We are concerned about the internationalization of Dutch dance, because the existing strong network can no longer be sustained. Makers will have to build from scratch what we have established.
  • We are concerned that all we have worked for, built and invested in to support our future generations of dance talent will be swept away.

In short, we are concerned about the very existence and value of contemporary dance in Amsterdam, now that essential facilities are in danger of being cut out.

We are sharing our concerns with you because we, from our position at Dansmakers Amsterdam, want to combat the impending capital and content destruction. In doing so, we need your help desperately. A powerful communal call will hopefully rouse the city of Amsterdam and the AFK. 

By signing this petition, you give your support for the existance of Dansmakers Amsterdam and you help fight against the repercussions of decades long disaster in Amsterdam dance. ‘All that has value is defenseless’, Lucebert wrote. Your support shows that the ‘defenseless is more than valuable’.



With all the trust in your support,


Suzy Blok, General & Artistic Director Dansmakers Amsterdam

Erik Akkermans, Chairman of the Board, Dansmakers Amsterdam

Roger Dayala, Treasurer, Dansmakers Amsterdam

Members of the Board, Dansmakers Amsterdam:

Liesbeth Bijvoet

Sandra Den Hamer

Jarrod Francisco


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Sign the petition before Wednesday 12 October en spread it widely! 

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