Building in North and future perspective

After the rejection of the Danswerfplan at the beginning of December 2018, Dansmakers worked very hard to find a solution for the preservation of the building for art and culture in Amsterdam North. This commitment was reinforced by a storm of letters of support from the makers, the dancers and the dance sector in Amsterdam. We are extremely pleased with all the support and recognition from all stakeholders, including the dedicated media and other interested parties. The municipality, the North district and the city council have worked hard to preserve it and are currently working hard to find a solution. We hope to be able to present an official announcement at the beginning of May.


Since February we have a new 'resident': Tent Circus Theater Productions. Together with our house partners ISH, Cinedans, Dat!school and Tent, and in consultation with the municipality and stakeholders, we are working on a vision for the future in which other partners will also be involved.

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