Wednesday 30 March 2016, 17:00-22:00

Choreographer Anne Suurendonk is looking for a dancer (M/F), for her (research-)project at Dansmakers Amsterdam. During this project, the collaboration between her and cellist Gábor Hartyáni will be the focus of attention. Besides her musical research, she will develop a duet. This duet will be presented at Dansmakers Amsterdam.

Anne is looking for a strong, contemporary dancer (M/F), with an academic background. He/she has to be musical, have a good feeling for rhythm and be a strong performer.

30 March 2016, from 17:00-22:00
The audition will take place at Dansmakers Amsterdam,
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 203, 1021 KP Amsterdam.

Rehearsal period: April – June 2016, in total 21 days, mostly in weekends.
Presentation: 21th of June at Dansmakers Amsterdam.
Rehearsals and presentation are payed.

You can apply by sending your CV and photo before March 28th to charlot [at]

Anne Suurendonk (6 May 1988, Amsterdam) graduated in 2010 from the Jazz Musical department at the Amsterdam School of Arts. ‘After my study I started searching for my own way of moving in order to express myself better. I explored with new, personal movements and shapes by listening to what music told me and by translating that to and with my own body’. The movement language which originates from this this research, is very characteristic for her work. The focus lies on dynamic, communication, energy, being grounded, sensuality and musicality.
‘I want my choreographies to be an experience for my audience, something that immerses you, like a movie. It’s also important to see the person behind the dancer and his vulnerability. So there can be a place for recognition and sympathy with what is shown. It does not have to be ‘pretty’, sometimes it needs to be ‘ugly’, like life sometimes is.”
Anne’s work is about emotions and about music, and its enormous power to express emotions. It’s about submission and desire; the will to fight, sexual desire, but most of all a lust for life.

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