lot of support against imminent loss production house North



The building in North, where Dansmakers Amsterdam, ISH, Cinedans and the DAT!School (De Amsterdamse Dans en Theaterschool) are setteled, is likely to be lost for dance and culture.


The industrial location on the IJ River with three studios, an theatre hall, offices, meeting room, bar and foyer is used intensively: dance artists, choreographers and performers, teachers and children from the neighborhood use the affordable studio and workplaces, but also partner organisations as AYA, Het Nederlandse Blazersensemble, The Volksopera, Warme Winkel, Fringe Festival and Flamenco Biennale to name a few, find their way to the Stork factory which is converted into a theatre. 


Following a meeting in which the threatened closure was discussed with concerned dance artists, a lot of support letters were written.


Thank you artists, makers and lovers of culture for your inspired words, your commitment, support and artistic contribution to the House and to the city of Amsterdam.


With contributions from

Amelia Emma Forrest, Performance artist Andrea Folache Performer,  visual artist, choreographer,  Antonia Steffens,  Performer, choreographer, Eltjo de Graaf, Dancer, Charlie Prince, Dancer, choreographer, Daniel Barkan Dancer, choreographer, Dereck Cayla Dancer, choreographer, Evangelos Biskas, Elysia McMullen, Dancer, choreographer, Ise Verstegen Dancer, choreographer, Jesús de Vega Performer, choreographer, Jort FaberPhysical artist, Jija SohnPerformer, choreographer, Maria Sartzetaki Dancer, Choreographer, Fernando BelfiorePerformer, choreographer, Karel Tuytschaever / BARRY, actor, dancer, Keren RosenbergPerformer, choreographer, Liat Waysbort  Choreographer, Liza Rinkema  Dramaturg, Lois Alexander, Dancer, choreographer, Mavi Veloso, Dancer, choreographer, Moa Holgersson, Dancer, choreographer, Moreno Perna Dancer, choreographer, Junadry Leocaria Dancer, choreographer, Paula ChavezPerformer, choreagrapher, Sandra Kramerova Dancer, choreographer, Sergio Debevere, Choreographer, Sigrid StigsdatterPerformer, choreographer, MAN || CODance collective, De Kernploeg, Fernando Troya Choreographer  CHRONOS, Dance collective, Paul Vonk, Relation, De Volksopera,  Isadora Tomasi  Muzikant, maker,  Elisa Zuppini, Choreographer, dancer

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