Bailes, Cantes, Guitarra and - Cajón: Lleno de Flamenco presents a state of the art

26th Lleno de Flamenco 2019 - Liminal

This year the 26th edition of LLeno de Flamenco will be presented in Amsterdam with several Bailes, Cantes, Tocas de Guitarra and - Cajón that show the versatile character of Flamenco.  The evening programme shows a state of the art with the performance Liminal by Vanesa Aibar.

14:15 Afternoon performance: LLeno de Flamenco 2019 / 20:45 Evening performance: Liminal - Vanesa Aibar / from 10:30 Side programme: Arte y Flamenco: introduction class cajón / palmas, flamenco dance - Workshop drawing / painting: Flamenco & movement - Projections & Flamenco Photography, Flamenco market, Tapasbar / 22:15 Aftertalk & Afterparty + Juerga, DJ
WHEN: 30 June
WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam

Please note: Online ticket sales close on Saturday 29.06, 21:00! Afterwards ticket sales only at the door.



Evening performance: Liminal - Vanesa Aibar

Renowned Spanish flamenco artists perform with Liminal Arte and mastery. On 30 June, Lleno de Flamenco will be showing another state of the art in the evening with the performance Liminal. She will be accompanied by 3 musicians: renowned flamenco guitarist Rafael Rodriguez, charismatic and celebrated flamenco singer David Lagos (Jerez), and at Codarts Rotterdam. Before: Tientos - Hannet Engel, Vicente Santiago, Erminia Córdoba Fernandez
The increasingly Spanish talented flamenco dancer Vanesa Aibar has already won several prestigious prizes as a flamenco dancer and choreographer, for her contemporary, innovative work. She harvested sold-out halls during the Flamenco Biennale NL, February 2019 in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. On 30 June she will come to Amsterdam with a new production during the 26th edition of Lleno de Flamenco.

Vanesa Aibar dance | David Lagos vocals | Rafael Rodriguez guitar 
Vanesa is one of those young rising stars in contemporary flamenco dance, who is working hard.
Following in the footsteps of great innovators such as Andrés Marín and Belén Maya, she likes to go from flamenco to modern or (Spanish) classical dance.
Vanesa Aibar (Jaen, 1983) made a name for herself in the company of Eva Yerbabuena and Blanca Li, and as a young choreographer of her own performances, such as A Solas con Bach, a solo for cello and dance. In 2014/15 she toured the US and Canada with her own performance EviscerArte. She also regularly collaborates with the grande dame of flamenco singing Carmen Linares. In 2016 she surprised in Manuel de Fallas Amor Brujo next to Mayte Martín with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in the Flamenco Biennale Intermezzo series. Her talent did not go unnoticed in Spain and in 2012 she won the Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid (Competition for Flamenco and Spanish Dance) with Era Silencio for the best choreography. In 2015, she won prizes for her new solo piece Mujer and Azul at the same competition. Keep an eye on her name: Vanesa Aibar.
A real treat were the swirling, sensual Spanish dance movements of the charismatic Vanesa Aibar, which drew all the attention to itself. (Parool)
(credits text: Flamenco Biennale EN www.flamencobiënnale.nl )


Afternoon performance: LLeno de Flamenco 2019

High level flamenco dance will be shown, including solos by young semi-professionals. More than 70 dancers (including 2 children's groups), singers, guitarists and percussionists will present their solo and group presentations.
(Hannet Engel)
Choreographers: Kika, Pastora, Tamar Porcelijn, Javier Romero, Ana Todorovic, Miki Vos Solodans (own work): Jorinde Cielen, Gabriëlla Hazi, Pastora Flamenca, Tamar Porcelijn, Miki Vos. Accompaniment and solo singing: Yota Baron, Jolanda van de Beuken, Erminia Fernández Córdoba, Thessa Mobach, Annie Risamasu.
Guitar accompaniment: El Armenio, Timen van den Berg, Vicente Santiago, Bart van Uden Cajón/ Palmas: Juri Kuefner


Side program

Workshop drawing / painting after movement - Guus Glass & Rick Paauw: with dancer Gabriella Hazi:
For artists, academics & self-taught Arte y Flamenco - interaction between Flamenco and Visual Arts.
Flamenco projections and photography by various flamenco photographers, in the Foyer and entrance hall of Dansmakers.
An extensive tapas bar during the breaks
Flamenco market (new and 2nd hand, flamenco clothing and shoes)
Flamenco Tablao / Juerga & afterparty - Foyer Dansmakers, after the afternoon show
The Tablao opens an introduction-lesson cajón & palmas by Juri Kuefner, which passes into with short presentations and opportunity to Juerga (flamenco jam session, and after-party where can be danced to life music and Dj: Sevillanas, Tangos, Rumbas...
In the Studio; Tamar Porcelijn to be continued with classes cajón / palmas



Dansmakers Amsterdam, Theaterzaal, Foyer & studio
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 203


Lleno de Flamenco
13.15 (pop-ups gitaar) Foyer / bar open 
14.15-17.30 Lleno de Flamenco 2019 - presentaties (grote zaal)
17.30 Foyer Introductieles, Tablao - / Juerga & afterparty 
18.00 Foyer Tablao - / Juerga & afterparty
18.15-20.15 pop-up acts, life dansmuziek & Dj: Sevillanas, Tangos, Rumbas...
Liminal - Vanesa Aibar

20.15 Zaal open

20.30 Voorprogramma:Dans Gabriëlla Hazi, life tekeningen /schilderingen via Requiem: muziek -Vicente Amigo

projecties Edgar Janssen20.45-22.00 Liminal - Vanesa Aibar


22.00-24.00 pop-up acts, life dance music & Dj: Sevillanas, Tangos, Rumbas...
Side program
11.30-14.00 & 17.30-19.30
Tapas bar, Flamenco market (new and 2nd hand) / Projeties - Flamenco photography all day, foyer and entrance hall
Masterclass drawing / painting 1 & 2: Guus Glass with the help of Rick Paauw
For both 15 min. introduction in advance | For visual artists, art academy students, autodidacts, etc.
10.30/10.45-12.45 Workshop 1: Foyer of studio - Flamenco to movement (with dancer Gabriella Hazi) 
13.45/14.00-17.15 Workshop 2: during an afternoon performance - theatre (reserved seats)
18.30-19.30 Workshop cajón/palmas: Juri Kuefner, (foyer) (alle niveaus) € 12           
18.30-19.15 Workshop flamencodans: Tamar Porcelijn (studio) basico niveau (0-2,5 jr)  € 10
Sign up / information cajón/palmas or dance: info@terremoto.nl
*Changes subject to change. Go to www.terremoto.nl for a final update of the program.

Entrance fees

Afternoon show Lleno de Flamenco 2018 | incl. Afterparty: € 16 (+ reservation costs € 1)
Evening show Liminal- Vanesa Aibar: € 26 (+ reservation fee € 1)
Combi-ticket afternoon and evening (limited edition): € 34 (+ reservation costs € 1)

Presale: www.dansmakers.nl
Programme: www.terremoto.nl
Information: info@terremoto.nl 
LLeno de Flamenco has been made possible (in part) by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

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