You Better Move meets Funk.IRC

You Better Move! is a one-day dancefestival whereby Dansmakers Podium is the stage for the makers. This recurring festival is an invitation to the dance field and audience to come together, talk, and share ideas. Every edition is programmed by a choreographer from Amsterdam.

image credits: Choreography Junadry Leocaria (c) Youandi Albertzoon



This time the program is in the hands of Yordana Rodriguez from Illusionary Rockaz Company (IRC). During an ever-changing and spectacular evening consisting of performances, a film, and a jam led by an energetic DJ and MC, she will bring advanced dancers and people that are new to hiphop together.

Immerse yourself in an evening full of waacking, hiphop and vogueing with performances of four promising choreographers: Niki van Callandt, Junadry Leocaria, Sarada Sarita en Jeffrey ‘Creepashu’ Loewenicht.

Yordana invites you to not only watch the best urban dance has to offer, but also to move yourself if you’d like to. During this evening we present Funk.IRC (Funk in Raw Cyphers), a jam-concept by IRC. The vision of Funk.IRC is to keep the spirit of a cypher alive. A cypher is a space for community building; it is about creativity, individuality, freedom, competition, sharing, expansion, knowledge, and equality. Tapping into a place where thought and action come together to share energy and to advance the arts. With Lucas Benjamin behind the decks and Rajiv behind the mic, the dancers and audience will be included in a stirring jam.

During You Better Move! one winning dancer will be chosen. This dancer will be taking part in the next Funk.IRC (2vs2, all style battle with a partner of their own choice), on the 25th of November at the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. So; YOU BETTER MOVE!



With Jam (DJ Lucas Benjamin), works by Creepashu, Sarada Sarita, Shailesh (movie), Junadry Leocaria, Niki van Callandt
hosted by Rajiv Bhagwanbali


creepashu - AREA 51

Jeffrey Jackson ‘Creepashu’ Loewenicht (Nieuwegein, 1997) is a hiphopdancer, wordartist and choreographer. Loewenicht prefers to work interdisciplinary, and challenges himself by looking for his physical breaking points.

During You Better Move #2 Creepashu shares a short, extraterrestrial performance, that even crosses borders of humanity..


Choreography & dance Jeffrey ‘Creepashu’ Loewenicht


sarada sarita – Q4 ‘squaring the circles’

Sarada Sarita is a choreographer that is not shy to speak her mind and heart, likes to make statements with her work, and stands for humanity and equality. The coming two years she will develop her own practice under guidance of ISH. With Q4, Squaring the circles, Sarada took inspiration from the Quaternity-theory of Carl Jung, geometric shapes as the square and circle, and New Way Vogue to reflect on the structures and patterns that shape our lives. 


Choreography & Concept Sarada Sarita

Dance Carlotta Ippolito, Aran Asafo, Lara Matthey, Tamara Robledo Oud, Venla Keskinen en Sarada Sarita Keilman

Costumes Rani Art

In collaboration with ISH Dance Collective




Our roots lay in history and also form the foundation for the future. In Shai, hip hop dancer and choreographer Shailesh Bahoran – who, for his work, often finds inspiration in his Hindustani background – searches after the effect of previous and future lives on his personality today together with the experimental film maker Shueti.


Made possible by ISH, Korzo & Fonds Podiumkunsten

Many thanks to Rik Ronner & Steven Tips



Eye-catching appearance Junadry Leocaria (1985, Willemstad) is a strong urban dancer, specialized in waacking. In her own choreographies she searches for ways to bring varied styles together in an organic way.

In Awor Aki she explores the themes self-acceptation, love for yourself and the will to grow as a person.


Choreography Junadry Leocaria

Dance Elsa Mulder, Merci Liesem, Tamara Robledo Oud, Wendy de Vries, Junadry Leocaria

Made possible by Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Don’t Hit Mama, 3Package Deal (Amsterdans Fonds voor de Kunst & Bureau Broedplaatsen)



Niki van Callandt is a dancer, choreographer and co-founder of the movement Ahead of the Curve, dedicated to making a stand for dancers that deal with body discrimination 'Sizeism'. With her choreographies Niki wants to enhance an awareness in her audience and deals with subjects and communities that have to do with prejudices.

With her trio Or is it me she puts three strong personalities together on stage, to research if we are able to think beyond distinct categories.


Choreography Niki van Callandt

Dance Carlotta Ippolito ‘Shiva Vineyard’, Ellen Houck

Text & spoken word Jodie Pinkney

Music Philip Glass, ‘Mishima’





Saturday September 30th, 19:30 at Dansmakers Podium 




Online € 10,- / € 8,50 (CJP, Students, Huisvuilpas, Stadspas, Dansmakerspas)

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While the Internet of Things is in order to collapse under the weight of its own success and we freak out looking for The New Next Thing, it is the artist who with his work exceeds our imagination. Not just divine inspiration, but hard work, determination and a tireless interest in the world and in the others is the germ of his work. With the series You Better Move!, Dansmakers Amsterdam is a stage for establishing makers to show their work, a process, to give and take workshops or to pitch ideas. Each editionis composed by an Amsterdam choreographer and an opportunity for the Amsterdam dance scene to get and to stay together.



*Yordana Rodriguez

Yordana Rodriguez is executive dancer, coach, teacher and manager of Funk.IRC. She is one of the best female poppers in the Netherlands and has won many battles. Inspire others by exchanging is a main issue in her work and in her JAM concept Funk.IRC. Yordana will be seen on stage in fall, in the performance Dwang of ISH Dance Collective.


Funk.IRC stands for Funk in Raw Cyphers. During the Jam, important elements of the hiphopculture are scooped: forming Cyphers and exchanging knowledge and technique. You form a group where creativity, individuality, freedom and knowledge are important. 

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