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About Jacuzzi


Jacuzzi is a convergence of Amsterdam-based choreographers, who act as a fluid support structure for each other and a host body for a multitude of movement practices and performance related events. At Jacuzzi we gather to share, reflect, problematise and imagine new conditions for art production, and to practice and celebrate the importance of dance.


Within our shared studio we de-habitualise, lie down, sweat, meditate, process rhythms, and mediate the electrical signals of our nervous systems. We are bodies whose ideas are voiced in several tones and articulations, but who consciously do this through time together. We are questions approached though bodies, not answered by them.


Jacuzzi is currently Juan Pablo Camara, Matthew Day, Tomislav Feller, Setareh Fatehi Irani, Noha Ramadan, Michele Rizzo, Maciej Sado, Clara Saito, Sigrid Stigsdattar Mathiassen, and Eva Susova.




Jacuzzi Mondays

On Monday evenings Jacuzzi opens its studio for a group practice. Led by a Jacuzzi member or an invited guest, these sessions are usually movement based, and propose thinking together as an embodied process. No dance training is needed, just an interest in working with physical, spatial, energetic awareness, and sensitivity.


For more information www.atjacuzzi.nl




Jacuzzi is an artist-run initiative currently co-produced with the support of Dansmakers Amsterdam via the provision of its 1e. Helmerstraat 104, Amsterdam dance studio space.


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