The Cave - Transitioning Performance - Cinedans



On Friday we explore the limits of performance and installation art. A double bill and film, in which each performance and installation gives us a whole new theater experience.


With Fernando Belfiore, Connor Schumacher and Joseph Simon. During the break Paula Chaves gives us an intervention while climbing and sliding in the ropes. Against the Wall is a performative slippage from the horizontal to the vertical plane via climbing techniques, dance, video & sound.  


Do you have at the end of the program a head full of thoughts? Tap a maker or festival guide on the shoulder to join a Pass the Glass. The choreographer gives you a glass of wine in exchange for feedback.

During the day you can take part in the Social Performance The Roof by Moha Projects in Amsterdam North. At 15:00 you can improve your leadership skills during the Masterclass Leadership through Movement.  Book your combi ticket Master class + Festival via info@movingfutures.nl. (25,-). Combi tickets are also available at the box office (open from 14:30).




  • The Roof - MOHA projects >>>



  • Leadership Through Movement >>>



  • The Cave – Fernando Belfiore
  • Transitioning Performance - Connor Schumacher
  • Against the Wall - Paula Chaves

and also

  • Cinedans: The Performer



Transitioning Performance – Connor Schumacher

Enter Transitioning Performance: a colorful world of visuals, music and movement that feels like a futuristic mirror funhouse. In this magical universe the spectator takes the place of the performer and is slowely detached fromfrom existing structures, value systems and thinking patterns.


Connor first started dancing at Purchase College Conservatory of Dance in New York where he studied composition and performance. He has been developing his career under the umbrella of Dansateliers since 2012. He participated in the European project Dancing Museums; a two-year research- and development trajectory (2015-2017) with the purpose to explore new ways of interaction with audiences and got nominated for the Price of the Dutch Dance Days 2017.

Connor Schumacher’s weird aesthetic is unique; plastic, face and animation are words that come to mind when watching his performances.” (De Volkskrant)




The Cave – Fernando Belfiore

The live installation The Cave is a layered dialogue between performance, recording and projection. Fernando Belfiore plays with present trends. He explores projection as a medium to give a forecast of a future situation. Psychedelic atmospheres, colors, paradisiac images, animations and objects are live manipulated and represented on screen. As a live DJ for his own dance, he plays with the ambiguous engagement of the vaporwave subculture against consumer capitalism and popular entertainment. More info >>>


Choreographer and performance artist Fernando Belfiore (1983, BR) is a graduate and guest teacher at the SNDO, Amsterdam. His performances are intense and poetic, with references from theatre and visual arts. He explores performance art with the body as main medium. In every performance a delicate transformation is fulfilled, often with softness and vulnerability as downside. His work is well received in and abroad the Netherlands and supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam (since 2011).



Against the Wall – Paula Chaves


Against the Wall  is a performative slippage from the horizontal to the vertical plane via climbing techniques, dance, video & sound. Various technologies such as screens, billboards, canvases, political propaganda & borders use walls as their site for existence. The wall embodies not merely an interface for indirect communication between (non)citizens, but also a lubricant for social (non)interaction and an effective medium for consolidating power structures in the public realm.


Colombian choreographer Paula Chaves obtained her degree at SNDO -school for new dance development- at the University of Arts in Amsterdam, city in which she now works as an independent artist, activist and teacher. In her artistic research she re-appropriates & embodies popular culture aesthetics & technologies while inter-waving, exposing &/or juxtaposing it with social critic, gender theory & post-colonial narratives.





Cinedans exclusief filmprogramma


Daily a selection of Cinedans Dance Films is projected in the Foyer. The program is based on the different themes and subjects of the performances in the festival.


The performer - Michael Gugger, 5’

The Performer explores the curiosity of the human spirit through a powerful dance performance and point-cloud animations.





Edit this Post



With Edit this Post, the word is to you, the audience. In this interactive, virtual aftertalk you get the chance to collectively write an online reflection about the evening. At the end the result of the joint work can be read online. With this handy tool thoughts, associations, feelings and ideas of spectators from the various cities become visible at once.

Join and read the instruction at www.editthispost.com.





Lil'Dansmakers Amsterdam


In the run-up to and during Moving Futures, Lil'Dansmakers Amsterdam will show us the diversity and sense for experiment with emerging talents from the dance field of Amsterdam. Lil ' Dansmakers Amsterdam is part of the creative hub in Amsterdam Central Station, Eastern Amstelpassage. From 12 February to 31 March dancers, artists and collectives are given a space where they can practice, experiment or present work. With on 30 & 31th of March performances by Chronos collective and students of the modern theatre dance. >>>








Dutch travelling dance festival Moving Futures is outlining the thinking world of a new generation of dance makers and performance artists who have the audacity to bring urgent themes and experiment on stage. Take a look behind the scenes, follow the makers in a (technological) identity, crisis or explore ancient themes in a contemporary coat: in this fourth edition, the  festival introduces the emerging faces of Dansmakers Amsterdam, DansBrabant, Dansateliers, Generale Oost and Random Collision.


From 28th to 31st of  March the festival travels to Amsterdam where the fourth edition of Moving Futures dance festival will be festively closed. During this four days program at Theater Bellevue  and Dansmakers Amsterdam you experience multiple dance performances, film, masterclasses and context programs in one day. Exclusively on Thursday at Theater Bellevue we will present a double premiere with an international performance from the European top 20 and the premiere of Kyabajo by Jija Sohn.


There are plenty of opportunities to go into conversation with  the makers or  to participate during the interactive online after-interview. As every year, the festival in Amsterdam will be  closed with an after party in the foyer of Dansmakers Podium.


Also witness  the pop-up acts at the Leidseplein, Amsterdam's Central Station, pont or while dining at the Supperclub. Or be part of the social installation of Alice Pons & Olivia Reschofsky in North.



TOUR 2018


TILBURG / 25 – 27 jan / De NWE Vorst

ARNHEM / 1 – 3 feb  / Stadstheater Arnhem / Theater a/d Rijn

UTRECHT / 7 – 9 feb / Theater Kikker

GRONINGEN / 17 – 18 feb / Grand Theatre

NIJMEGEN / 1 – 3 mrt / LUX       

MAINZ, DE / 6 – 7 mrt / Staatstheater Mainz

BREDA / 9 – 10 mrt / Podium Bloos

ROTTERDAM / 16 – 18 mrt / TR Rotterdamse Schouwburg / Pauluskerk

ROOSENDAAL  / 24 mrt / De Kring

AMSTERDAM / 28 – 31 mrt / Theater Bellevue / Dansmakers Podium


Moving Futures is initiated by: Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansateliers, DansBrabant, De Nieuwe Oost en Random Collision. Made possible by: Bank Giro Loterij Fonds, BNG Cultuurfonds, Stichting Diorapthe, Fonds21, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Janivo Stichting, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VSBfonds...


More info

More information about the network, the festival, participating theaters and ticket sale: www.movingfutures.nl


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