New Adventures presents Moreno Perna - Tomasi & Holgerson

Fresh ideas and new adventures in a Double Bill by emerging performance artists and choreographers in residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK Amsterdam. With New Adventures Residents Moreno Perna, Moa Holgersson & Isadora Tomasi 


WHEN: SA 8 DEC*, 20:30 - SU 9 DEC, 15:00

WHERE: Dansmakers Podium


*8.12: Part of We Are Public


Moreno Perna - Aura

How to understand the universe from our aura: a sensorial journey



In Puglia, the land from his grandmother, magic is still alive. Moreno goes back to a spiritual perception of the universe beyond the rational. He shares his personal story with sensitivity, exploring the world through his body. In Aura, the body is seen as a vessel of the aura, and movement as the language of the spirit. He researches his own understanding of the aura, triggering the audience to start wondering about their own.


Moreno Perna (IT, 1989) is performer and choreographer, graduated in Modern Theatre Dance. He started out as a performer with Troubleyn/Jan Fabre in 2014 and works as a nightlife performer under the name of Vortex X. His theatre-dance research focuses on the subject of Identity as a cultural construct. With the performance XYX about Gender Identity, he was on tour with the Moving Futures Dance Festival


Choreography: Moreno Perna Music: Moreno Perna with Elisa Batti & CYB Dramaturgy: Edith Cassiers Shamanic mentor: Anna Poch Movement mentor: Kenzo Kusuda Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam Thanks to ICK Amsterdam and Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond for the support A special thanks to Jesse Vanhoeck, Suzy Blok, Lucia di Pietro, Charlotte Lemstra and Suzan Tunca for the mentorship Thanks to everyone who join my research on AURA / Movement Practice: Donika Davids, Jesus De Vega, Sophia Dinkel (ICK), Veronika Kolomaznikova, Nataly Milena Orozco Mercado, Evgenia Rubanova, Pedro Matias



Isadora Tomasi & Moa Holgersson - YOU TELL ME

“a woman’s war is unoccupied history, nature doesn't seek to destroy if it doesn't make sense” (FKA twigs)



The work and knowledge of female artists and thinkers are often received in fragments. Because of censorship or social injustice. Or because of patriarchy; stories and history seem to be told by men. But can a fragmented story still be a whole? Isadora and Moa  approach the work through different kind of narratives. They experiment with visuals, voice, vibrations and noise. Sound and movement are created simultaneously. The body ‘grasping’  the movement suggested by the sound and vice a versa.


Moa Holgersson (SE, 1983) and Isadora Tomasi (IT, 1987) share their working method and interest in creating both sound and movement.


Isadora attended the Mime School in Amsterdam after being educated in dance, music and text theatre. She composes and performs her own music and integrates elements of a concert in her pieces.

Moa is currently studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. With a background in Aerial disciplines and Pole dance in Stockholm, she evolved more into dance practices. In her work she experiments with voice, soundscapes and movement. 


Concept and performers: Moa Holgersson & Isadora Tomasi Sound: Isadora Tomasi & Moa Holgersson Lights: M & I in collaboration with Martijn & Karina Advisors: Angelo Custodio, Keren Rosenberg & Suzy Blok Thank’s to: Team Dansmakers (Suzy, Evelien, Ruth, Els, Rory) Jija Sohn, Moreno Perna, Tiana Hemlock-Yensen, Nell Schwan, Francesca Lazzeri, Nadja Voorham, Carlotta Ippolito



New Adventures 2018 - 2019


In this series, a number of research projects by emerging artists are selected for a residency. During a four week period, choreographers and collectives use the studio and theatre as a laboratory for innovation in dance and performance art. The result is shared with the audience. This edition is a coproduction with ICK Amsterdam.


The New Adventures Residents 2018/19 are Moreno Perna (ism ICK), Moa Holgersson & Isadora Tomasi, Chronos (ism ICK), Lois Alexander, Karel Tuytschaever (ism. ICK), Antonia Steffens


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