New Adventures presents Courtney May Robertson - Milou van Duijnhoven

A public try-out in which New Adventures residents assemble their work and present it in the theatre hall. The evening ends with an informal feedback session. With Milou van Duijnhoven and Courtney May Robertson

WHEN: 17 Dec, 20:30 -18 Dec, 19:00* (*We Are Public)
WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam



We use the computer as a tool when in reality it is our teacher. SUB is a live research performance that explores how we can thrive on the technology that disables our thinking. Courtney works together with sound composer and software programmer Tharim Cornelisse, and  with a computer. The performance is subject to automatically generated processes, algorithms and autonomous digital systems and develops in real time. By outsourcing the decision-making process to machines, they try to relinquish artistic control.


Courtney May Robertson (UK, 1992) is a dancer, teacher and choreographer. Throughout her work, she puts the versatile and performative body first. Her role in Jan Martens' Rule of Three was much discussed. LeTemps (CH) called her the heroine of the La Bâtie Festival in Geneva. Her choreographic interest lies in bringing together technology, choreography and sound and how this stimulates creativity.

Tharim Cornelisse (NL, 1995) studied visual arts and is a music producer and performer. He is interested in the possibilities of technology and performance and how they can merge.  He researches various sampling techniques, analogue tape machines and Max/MSP. He has performed several times as a musician and performer in various theatre performances (Breakin'Walls, Frascati 2015), Uitmarkt (2015) and Fringe Festival 2018).




Slice Baby Slice

With Slice Baby Slice, Milou brings a contemporary interpretation of a centuries-old Japanese male sword fighting, Katori Shinto Ryu. This martial art consists of a series of movements with a Japanese sword (katana) that are carried out in three phases in an extremely disciplined manner. Milou brings the choreographic power to the stage and underlines the ambiguity and contradiction in the symbolism of sword fighting art. This refers to the power over life and death, but also to the childlike swordplay and video games.

After the Maastricht Theatre Academy, Milou van Duijnhoven (NL, 1992) attended the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Meanwhile she has performed with her solo Phoenix and trio Pope and with Monumental Metamorphosis at various festivals in the Netherlands and China. Milou acted for MAAS theatre and dance and Toneelgroep Oostpool. She is part of La Isla Bonita Performance Collective.







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