Meet the New Adventures 2018/19

For four weeks, the studio and theatre hall are in use as a dance makers laboratory. Twice a year four choreographers get the opportunity to explore and deepen an idea resulting in a performance which they share with the audience. Meet the residents of New Adventures 2018/19


November 12th till December 9th

Performance Night: 8 & 9 december 2018


Moreno Perna - Aura

How to understand the universe from our aura: a sensorial journey

In Puglia, the land from his grandmother, magic is still alive. Moreno goes back to a spiritual perception of the universe beyond the rational. He shares his personal story with sensitivity, exploring the world through his body. In Aura, the body is seen as a vessel of the aura, and movement as the language of the spirit. He researches his own understanding of the aura, triggering the audience to start wondering about their own.



Moreno Perna (IT, 1989) is performer and choreographer, graduated in Modern Theatre Dance. He started out as a performer with Troubleyn/Jan Fabre in 2014 and works as a nightlife performer under the name of Vortex X. His theatre-dance research focuses on the subject of Identity as a cultural construct. With the performance XYX about Gender Identity, he was on tour with the Moving Futures Dance Festival





Isadora Tomasi & Moa Holgersson - YOU TELL ME

“a woman’s war is unoccupied history, nature doesn't seek to destroy if it doesn't make sense” (FKA twigs)

The work and knowledge of female artists and thinkers are often received in fragments. Because of censorship or social injustice. Or because of patriarchy; stories and history seem to be told by men. But can a fragmented story still be a whole? Isadora and Moa  approach the work through different kind of narratives. They experiment with visuals, voice, vibrations and noise. Sound and movement are created simultaneously. The body ‘grasping’  the movement suggested by the sound and vice a versa.



Isadora Tomasi (IT, 1987) and Moa Holgersson (SE, 1983) share their working method and interest in creating both sound and movement.


Isadora attended the MimeSchool in Amsterdam after being educated in dance, music and text theatre in France. She composes and performs her own music and directed amongst others the visual-sound and movement piece RHEA. cargocollective.com/isadoratomasi


Moa is currently studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Educated in Aerial disciplines and Pole dance in Stockholm, she evolved more into contemporary dance and voguing. For the aerial piece Emotional Content she composed her music on stage.





January 7th - Februari 3th

Chronos - The sea is where you think it is

Experience and play with the potential of your choices

We are our choices.These words by Jean-Paul Sartre resonate in The sea is where you think it is, a dance performance that exists in the here and now. Every moment in our lives offers an endless amount of choices and opportunities to make and take. What withholds us from choosing the unexpected, the decision to do something new? The sea is where you think it is is an experience between dancer and audience in which they discover and play with the potential of their choices.


The sea is where you think it isis a coproduction with Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK, and is made possible thanks to Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.



Chronos is a young Amsterdam collective of four independent dance artists. They are all graduates from the Modern Theatre Dance at the Amsterdam School for the Arts. As Chronos, they create physical and poetic dance theatre, which is open and critical towards society. Their work was shown in theatres and festivals including Moving Futures Festival in 2015, and this year at Delft Fringe Festival and Julidans. www.chronos.dance


Chronos Collective is Vera Goetzee (NL, 1993), Charlotte Mathiessen (CH, 1993), Coralie Merle (CH, 1993), Sarah Soethoudt (NL, 1994)




Lois Alexander - Neptune (working title)

A dance installation unveiling the nature of water and people

Water can occur in three states – ice, liquid, or vapor – it is always a subject of change. In this second part of a series about the elements of Nature, Neptune will focus on water. In the form of a dance installation, it  questions the ability of nature and people to alter in form, appearance, or nature. The performance will unveil itself through movement, text and large scale objects.



Lois Alexander (US, 1991) is a graduate from the Juilliard School in New York. In 2014 she moved to Europe and danced for various choreographers and directors. The solo Fading Fire (2018) was her debut as a choreographer and premiered at You Better Move #4 (Dansmakers Amsterdam). www.loislalexander.com







Karel Tuytschaever - STRANGER

A contemporary portrait of being man

Karel brings an ode to him: the man. Who and where is he? The man is looking for himself. How do we get back in touch with him? The man today seems disappeared. What does it mean to be him? STRANGER flirts with the different personalities of the phenomenon of man, and aims to focus again on the image of man. This installative performance explains the perspectives of one vulnerable male body.



Karel Tuytschaever (BE, 1985) was trained as an actor  at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. He is an actor, teacher and animates the platform for own hybrid work, BARRY. Starting from a passion for the body, BARRY shows us work in between the performative and the Museum, with attention for sound and image. The hybrid oeuvre includes next to (dance) performances also installations, theatre texts, publications and film. www.platformbarry.be





Antonia Steffens- The Empty Set    

What would the image have to say if it could speak for itself?

On google earth and in space, we mark territories, define ideologies, and profile humans. We are creating apparent visibility on- and offline. Antonia works with the paradox of space and appearance, using the empty set as a metaphor. When blind,  material disappears into the indescribable / imperceptible. When the set is empty, one could describe it as being nothing, although it would always be at least a set, Which is according to Agamben full of potential.



Antonia Steffens (DE, 1992) is a dancer and recently graduated at the SNDO in Amsterdam. She has a background in martial arts and counts painting, writing and make-up as part of her artistic practice. In 2016 she received the danceWeb scholarship under the mentorship of Tino Sehgal. Her internship in Iran in 2017 formed her thinking about how dance and artistic practices can be brought into different socio-political contexts. antoniasteffens.tumblr.com

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