Final Presentation Research Weeks


Fr 25/11 20:30 Dansmakers Podium

Sa 26/11 20:30 Dansmakers Podium
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Imagination is a powerful medium, able to change stones in water, birds in fishes. On Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of November the audience becomes part of the research Imagining USPUD by choreographers Niels Weijer (NL) and Samuel Feldhandler (FR), at 20:30 at Dansmakers Podium. The makers duo creates a playground where the public is taken into an imaginary performance.

At the origin of any creative process is the idea, a concept. Choreographers Niels and Samuel go back to this first moment in which the world of imagination and the tangible world meet. During the Research Weeks, a two-week study period in the studio of Dansmakers Amsterdam, they take this powerful momentum as a starting point to further unravel the world of imagination and to mould it into a choreographic structure.

At the public presentation of their research, it is not the choreographers who determine the dance; Niels and Samuel bring movement and imagination together. They create the conditions for a choreography to arise, that is currently not yet physically observable. 


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About The MAKERS

Niels Weijer (NL) is a dancer and choreographer and works on the edge of dance, video and Visual Arts. Samuel Feldhandler (FR) is dancer and is currently following the Master choreography at DOCH in Stockholm. Since 2014 they started a lasting collaboration. With their duet from 2015 A Way of Keeping Everything from Happening at Once they linked the sensory experience to the imagination. Imagining USPUD is a next step in their thought process.


Research Weeks

With its studio's and stage, Dansmakers Amsterdam acts as an engine for innovation in contemporary dance. The research is at the core of every artistic practice, creates space for experiment and reflection. Every year some choreographers get the opportunity to focus on a broadening and deepening of their work during the Research Weeks. The period is concluded with a public presentation in which context is provided, and where the makers connect to their audience.




Direction, choreography and performance: Samuel Feldhandler & Niels Weijer




Fr 25 Nov 20:30 Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdam Noord
Sa 26 Nov 20:30 Dansmakers Podium, Amsterdam Noord




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