Double Premiere: Kyabajo & Nass (Les Gens)



Today you will witness two intense premieres of the choreographers Fouad Boussouf and Jija Sohn.

The Korean – Japanese Jija Sohn, winner of Moving Forward Young Dancemakers Award 2016, brings the pleasures and perversity of Japanese Kyabajo and its Western equivalent to the audience.

In the international performance Nass (les Gens), seven men, seven dancers, glorify the power of the collective in the intense and acrobatic dance. (Dutch Premiere, Official selection of Aerowaves TWENTY18.)

 Prior to the festival, you can attest to pop-up performances by students of Moderne Theater dans at Central Station and at the Leidseplein.


  • Aerowaves TWENTY18: Nass (Les gens) - Cie. Massala / Fouad Boussouf (FR)
  • Kyabajō - Jija Sohn (PREMIERE)
  • Cinedans: Zero G



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Nass (Les gens) - Cie.Massala / Fouad Boussouf (FR) (DUTCH PREMIERE)

Seven dancers glorify the power of the collective in an intense and acrobatic dance. With their pace as engine, continuously and obsessive.

Rythms and sounds out of the Arabic world.
‘First, there is rhythm, the sounds of immemorial time, unceasing and obsessive. From these rhythms is born the communion of seven dancers, fusion of the energy and the bodies from which emerge the power of togetherness, with it’s violence and inherent weaknesses. I composed Nass as a breath, both physical and mystical, which reminds me of the need to be firmly anchored to his earth to better feel its vibrations.’ Fouad Boussouf

Born in Morocco in 1978, he arrived in France in 1985 where he learned hip-hop dance and where he took his first class jazz dance. Choreographer and dancer Fouad Boussouf followed various courses in dance, including contemporary dance. His eclectic career included a choreographic research in a modern approach. Curious and stubborn to labels, Fouad Boussouf is not limited to a single register of dance in particular.


Aerowaves TWENTY18 :An international performance from the official selection of Aerowaves TWENTY18.

Each year Aerowaves makes a selection of work by 20 promising makers from 33 countries from all over Europe. Aerowaves is a hub for dance discovery in Europe. They identify the most promising new work by emerging dance artists and then promote it through cross-border performances. Aerowaves’ network of partners in 33 countries enables these younger choreographers to bring brand new dance to brand new audiences.



Kyabajō– Jija Sohn (PREMIERE)

Jija Sohn and her performer bring the pleasures and the perversity of the Japanese flirting hostess (Kyabajō) and her Western equivalent to the audience.

The Kyabajō is a flirting hostess. She serves drinks, lights cigarettes and has intelligent conversations with hard-working businessman. But who has the power in this relationship? And who uses who? Jija Sohn and her performer bring the pleasures and the perversity of the Japanese Kyabajō and her Western equivalent to the audience. Get carried away by an unreasoned passion. Get sensitively seduced, thoroughly tempted and find pleasure in the perverse … or the perverse in pleasure.

Jija Sohn (1982, JP, KR) traded her applied linguistic studies (us) for a choreography training at the SNDO in Amsterdam. With the use of dance and movement she is looking for the common denominator between all ethnic-cultural differences of people. She is interested in the question of how cultural diversity can be transformed into a universal value. Form and emotion are purified till the public obtain a physical experience of the performance. In 2016 she won the Moving Forward trajectory which resulted in Geisha Miracle(Theaterkrant****), a production of Dansmakers Amsterdam.



Cinedans: Zero-G - Jannis Lenz (OO/DE 2016) 10' 



In an almost weightless manner a group of tracers moves through the big city. Poetry slammer Fatima Moumouni voices the youths' attitude towards life.


Lil'Dansmakers Amsterdam


In the run-up to and during Moving Futures, Lil'Dansmakers Amsterdam will show us the diversity and sense for experiment with emerging talents from the dance field of Amsterdam. Lil ' Dansmakers Amsterdam is part of the creative hub in Amsterdam Central Station, Eastern Amstelpassage. From 12 February to 31 March dancers, artists and collectives are given a space where they can practice, experiment or present work. With on 30 & 31th of March performances by Chronos collective and students of the modern theatre dance. >>>






Dutch travelling dance festival Moving Futures is outlining the thinking world of a new generation of dance makers and performance artists who have the audacity to bring urgent themes and experiment on stage. Take a look behind the scenes, follow the makers in a (technological) identity, crisis or explore ancient themes in a contemporary coat: in this fourth edition, the  festival introduces the emerging faces of Dansmakers Amsterdam, DansBrabant, Dansateliers, Generale Oost and Random Collision.


From 28th to 31st of  March the festival travels to Amsterdam where the fourth edition of Moving Futures dance festival will be festively closed. During this four days program at Theater Bellevue  and Dansmakers Amsterdam you experience multiple dance performances, film, masterclasses and context programs in one day. Exclusively on Thursday at Theater Bellevue we will present a double premiere with an international performance from the European top 20 and the premiere of Kyabajo by Jija Sohn.


There are plenty of opportunities to go into conversation with  the makers or  to participate during the interactive online after-interview. As every year, the festival in Amsterdam will be  closed with an after party in the foyer of Dansmakers Podium.


Also witness  the pop-up acts at the Leidseplein, Amsterdam's Central Station, pont or while dining at the Supperclub. Or be part of the social installation of Alice Pons & Olivia Reschofsky in North.



TOUR 2018


TILBURG / 25 – 27 jan / De NWE Vorst

ARNHEM / 1 – 3 feb  / Stadstheater Arnhem / Theater a/d Rijn

UTRECHT / 7 – 9 feb / Theater Kikker

GRONINGEN / 17 – 18 feb / Grand Theatre

NIJMEGEN / 1 – 3 mrt / LUX       

MAINZ, DE / 6 – 7 mrt / Staatstheater Mainz

BREDA / 9 – 10 mrt / Podium Bloos

ROTTERDAM / 16 – 18 mrt / TR Rotterdamse Schouwburg / Pauluskerk

ROOSENDAAL  / 24 mrt / De Kring

AMSTERDAM / 28 – 31 mrt / Theater Bellevue / Dansmakers Podium


Moving Futures is initiated by: Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansateliers, DansBrabant, De Nieuwe Oost en Random Collision. Made possible by: Bank Giro Loterij Fonds, BNG Cultuurfonds, Stichting Diorapthe, Fonds21, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Janivo Stichting, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VSBfonds...


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More information about the network, the festival, participating theaters and ticket sale: www.movingfutures.nl


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