CIRCUS TREURDIER. Het Verhaal van Erica Speen (een remake)

Circus Treurdier is back with a brand new, but very conservative performance.
In "The Story of Erica Teats (a remake)" the young music theatre makers try to keep up with the times. They put their most progressive foot forward, but still appear to be pretty stuck.

WHEN: 4-8 Dec & 11-15 Dec

WHERE: Dansmakers Amsterdam (Ticketsales via Theater Bellevue)

The old children's book "The Story of Erica Teats" is (re)put on the shelves. About the rebellious adolescent girl Erica teat who lives with her very conservative parents in a very conservative community. The rebellious Erica thinks things should be done differently and wants to overthrow the old world. She breaks down walls and shifts the horizon. But was this such a good idea?
Prepare yourself for a very bitchy evening, full of nostalgic songs, Old-Dutch thigh chatterboxes and ingrained role patterns. As you are used to from Circus Treurdier, there is also a bar where you can get your familiar drink with an old note.
Special guest: author JJ Daalder, who breathed new life into The Story of Erica Teats by overwriting it and republishing it.
Circus Treurdier is an Amsterdam music theatre collective, which gained national fame with the black-comic VPRO television series TreurTeeVee.  In their absurdist performances they give their idiosyncratic view of reality with a good dose of irony and always a hint of melancholy.




Tekst/spel/muziek: Jan-Paul Buijs, Ellen Parren & Peter van Rooijen

Regie: Suze Milius Vormgeving: Janne Sterke Zakelijke leiding: Bureau tamtam / Tamara Keasberry Communicatie: Bureau tamtam / Lonneke van Eden

Image © Hans Boddeke

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