Young Makers Fund


Are you a real dance lover? Do you like adventurous new dance?


Help us to support young talented dance makers!

Dansmakers Amsterdam continues to support the most talented, exciting and meaningful young choreographers, despite all the major budget cuts of recent times. We support them in their development by offering studio space, providing expert artistic guidance, producing and presenting their performances both in our own auditorium and elsewhere in Amsterdam, but also on various stages in the Netherlands and abroad.

Your support is very important! With your contribution, young, talented dance makers get the chance to develop themselves, create a performance with us and we can continue to programme special offerings. With the subsidy we receive from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, we can keep the basic organisation running and guide choreographers in their artistic, business and productional development as creators. To realize projects, to be able to respond to the elaboration of exciting new ideas of the young artists in which they collaborate with dancers, designers, composers, etc., we depend on external resources of funds and individuals. With your donation it will be possible to realize this!

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Stichting Danswerkplaats Amsterdam is a charity: the organisation has been designated as a cultural public benefit institution (ANBI) and is therefore exempt from inheritance and gift tax.

Support for our Young Makers Fund can therefore be fiscally beneficial. The tax authorities will contribute to your donation. The Tax and Customs Administration will ask for the RSIN of your ANBI in your tax return. For Stichting Danswerkplaats Amsterdam this is 801651141.

Would you like more information? Do you have any questions? Supporting a specific part of Dansmakers Amsterdam? We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Please contact Suzy Blok, fund- and sponsor recruiter, via or 0202159911.



For € 20 (one person) or € 38 (two persons) per year you are a Friend of Dansmakers Amsterdam. Friends also benefit from the following advantages:

- You will be kept informed of our activities through a special newsletter - every season a special Friends Evening with performances for you and a guest - invitation to studio presentations of work in progress.



Would you like to contribute more and thus support our programme more substantially? From € 250,- a year onwards you are a donateur. If you make a periodic donation for five years, you will receive a large tax benefit. You also benefit from the following advantages:

- Discount on dance performances for 2 persons - every season a Donateurs & Friends Evening for you and a guest with surprising performances and meeting the choreographers and dancers - every season an invitation for a premiere of a Dansmakers production - you will be informed about our activities through our newsletter - invitation for sneak previews and studio presentations.



Become a donateur plus of Dansmakers Amsterdam and donate an amount of € 1,000 or more for 5 years. As a donateur plus you will of course benefit from the same advantages as the donateurs and friends. And more; your name and logo will, if desired, be mentioned in the credits of your chosen production as a contributor. A personal meeting with the choreographer prior to the rehearsals.

Tip! Give someone a friendship gift? Please contact us.

The Young Makers Fund is not an independent entity, but a part of the foundation Danswerkplaats Amsterdam/Dansmakers Amsterdam. However, the structure of the Fund does guarantee that the resources and the supervision of the use of the funds are separated from the operational management of the Dansmakers Amsterdam organisation.


With the gift calculator you can easily calculate how much your gift costs and yields.

Download periodic donation agreement.

Become a Friend, Donor or Donator Plus and transfer money to NL 66 ABNA 0592 8624 02 t.n.v. Stichting Danswerkplaats Amsterdam ovv Jonge Makers fund.