Riccardo Guratti

Riccardo Guratti

Associated with dansmakers sinds 2016


Riccardo Guratti (IT/NL, 1984) studied contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation and theater in Italy and graduated among other from the S.N.D.O. School for new dance development in Amsterdam in 2015. He works and collaborates with several artists in Italy and Europe and his works were performed in Netherland, Germany, Poland, Italy and Turkey. His works start from a huge interest in rituals, alchemy and history and they are usually united by a strong physical, visual and emotional impact. In the last years he is also including curating as a choreographical practice and since 3 years he organizes and co-directs, among others, C.A.L.A. Contemporary actions loose aesthetics - festival for performance art in Cori (IT)




Under the direction of contemporary dance makers and professionals, every Monday from 10:00 – 12:00 in studio Cube, you can take part in an active dance session during which you will be included in the think-and movement world of different dance makers and professionals from Amsterdam.


Intus et in cute:


In this period I'll invite you to re-discover movement through different lenses and entrance doors, giving senses a fertile ground to support and inspire movement. I wish to create possibilities for the body to rediscover atavistic knowledges and spiritual movements through the language of dance.



Productions at Dansmakers


Intuition 1 (2017)



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Meat Meetings


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