Niels Weijer

Niels Weijer

In 2014 he created the gallery exhibition ‘Handleiding tot nieuwe interpretaties‘ (Guide towards new interpretations) with Evlien Jansen (NL) involving dance, video and visual art. In that year he also collaborated with choreographer Samuel Feldhandler(FR) on the creation of ‚‘A Way of Keeping Everything from Happening at Once‘.


Summer 2015, he did a research at the Summer Studio‘s program in Rosas/Parts where he had the possiblity to research, his piece ’The Question of Broken Triangles‘, which will be premiered in January 2017 in the Oosterkerk, Amsterdam.


In the summer of 2016 he created togheter with choregrapher Billy Mulany (USA) a first try-out for a new creation to be premiered summer 2017 in the KorresponDance Festival Zdar(Czech Republic) and Cita et Cita festival Modena (IT).


End 2016 he will take part in the One Night’s Dance program in Dans Atelier (Rottedam), where he will create a short solo performance on himself.

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