Moreno Perna

Moreno Perna

At Dansmakers Amsterdam since 2017

Moreno Perna (1989, IT) is an Italian performer based in Amsterdam. He graduated in Modern Theatre Dance from Amsterdam University of the Arts and started out as a performer with Troubleyn/Jan Fabre in 2014. He appears in Mount Olympus - to Glorify the Cult of Tragedy and De macht der theaterlijke dwaasheden. He also works as a nightclub performer under the name Vortex. In his work he focuses on creative research into identity as a cultural construct.



Sharing Practice

Dansmakers Amsterdam initiates a new Open Practice. The weekly sessions are led by contemporary choreographers, performers and other professionals. Join the sessions and get to know new thinking and movement idioms of Amsterdam based dance professionals. Open to both practitioners and those who would like to lead the sessions.


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The Beast Within:

We are made of many different types of energies, which have been somehow differentiated between good and bad under the binary system of our Western culture. Saying in other words, these energies deal with organization and chaos, Apollonian and Dionysian. Those energies literally created Greek tragedies and theatre. In this work we will break apart our human social structure to find the Dionysian inside, that almost demonic energy that is full of creativity.


Imagination will lead the practice to allow the participants to use both movement and voice, not necessarily logic text. Exercises inspired by classical ones from Jan Fabre’s teachings will be used in the beginning of the practice in order to unlock possibilities of research and creativity. Later on we will share a research in the realm of themes I am busy working on: Identity, Gender, the Internet and Pop culture. 



Productions at Dansmakers Amsterdam


XYX (2017)

LDRC (2017)


Other Productions

Nonhuman-human (2017)

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