Marie Goeminne

Marie Goeminne

At Dansmakers Amsterdam since 2010 

Marie Goeminne (1977, BE) is a choreographer and performer, and makes performances on the cutting edge of dance, philosophy and fine art. In its work, Marie is moved by our most intimate and vulnerable issues and qualities. With a sculptural and minimalistic movement-idiom, she's mapping themes whereof one cannot easily speak. In 2005 she realized lostbox, as part of a trilogy around fear, surrender and desire. In this collaboration with her sister and writer Siska Goeminne, the bond between Word and the wordless, is almost literally embodied. The movement-idiom by Marie is minimal. With hushed, concentrated movements, with sound and projection, as in a sculpture series, she let the body speak.


Marie studied at the eddc in Arnhem, (European Dance Development Centre, Artez) and has a background as a singer and performer. For the production Maulwerke of Dieter Schnebel, she made an international tour as a singer around 2005. Between 2000 and 2012, she worked with various choreographers including Rui Horta, Ingo Reulecke and David Hernandez and Michael Schmidt. Marie is certified in Biodynamic Massage therapy. Her knowledge is of great influence on her thinking and work.

Marie works under the banner of Artist Collective Kudde.



Have I Been Here Before (2016) (Ephemerality)

Wie je ook bent (2014) (Uncoditional Love)


Pulse (2012) (Desire and Surrender)

Body and Words: Reliance (2010) Surrender and Trust)

Lostbox (2005) (Word vs Body)



"Also here the same stillness at the beginning that slowly unfolds to violent and explosive movements. The dance-idiom of Goeminne is effortless to great themes as birth, connectedness, goodbye, separation, dependence " (geschreven door Kester Freriks, Theaterkrant, over Wie je ook bent)
"As part of the new Moving Futures Festival, which demands attention for young dance talents that earn a podium, it is a beautiful and refined, matt jewel" (geschreven door Kester Freriks, Theaterkrant, over Wie je ook bent)
"And again I have seen beautiful things on Theatre festival de Parade. Favorite: Amsterdam Lostbox of Dansmakers Amsterdam. Takes ten minutes and rattles your imagination.''  (geschreven door Joyce Roodnat ,NRC on facebook, over Lostbox


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2012, Cultureel Persbureau, Pulse  > > >


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