Kathrin Gramelsberger

Kathrin Gramelsberger

Kathrin Gramelsberger made a research project in 2010, together with Mouna Laroussi. In 2011, they have made a full production of this research project. On June 25, 2011 this production premiered at the SMART Project Space, Amsterdam.

Kathrin Gramelsberger (1979 in München) was raised in Germany. On the age of seventeen she came to Amsterdam to study Jazztheater and Showmusical at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. After she graduated in 2001 she has danced in
dance theatre production like Danstheater Aya, shows,like the Cotton Club and events, like Sensations. In 1997 she has shown her first choreography Zwei Frauen in München after which followed Fuego, Human Yields, Kassa 4, Rendez-vous mit Baby. In her own work Gramelsberger mixes different dance styles, amongst others, Jazz dance, Modern (Release, Graham, Cunningham,  Horton’, Ballet, Tapdance and Afrodance.

In 2010 As a co-choreographer and dancer Gramelsberger is doing the research project Chamaeleon together with Mouna Laroussi.

With Dansmakers since: 2010

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