Johnny Schoofs

Johnny Schoofs

Johnny Schoofs (Belgium) is a Rotterdam based dancer, choreographer and movement teacher. He graduated from the performing arts department at the Rotterdam Dance Academy.  

In the Netherlands he danced with several companies (Djazzex, Leine & Roebana, de Stilte) and made strong collaborations with choreographers as Uri Ivgi, Bruno Listopad, Maaike van Dijk, Lonneke van Leth, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Neel Verdoorn. 

In Vienna he was part as a performing member in several productions of the choreographer Chris Haring (Liquid Loft).

Since several years he is developing his own work resulting into the performances "Performing Portraits", "Iron John", "Testos".

He is passionate about teaching dance improvisation and the Feldenkrais method. He is a regular teacher at professional dance educations and in the amateur dance circuit.

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