Evangelos Biskas V

Evangelos Biskas V

At Dansmakers since 2017


Evangelos Biskas (1994, GR) studied dance and choreography at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg. As a performer, he worked with Fernando Belfiore, Katja Heitmann, Helder Seabra, Vloeistof, Close Act Theatre Company, United Cowboys and Jack Gallagher and is currently working with Guilherme Miotto and Charlotte Goesaert.


He performed his own work in and abroad the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Museum Night Van Gogh’s museum, Den Bosch, Theatre Festival Boulevard, Tilburg, opening October Dance Month, Theatre de Vanves Festival Ardanthé, Paris, Lyon Festivalito mon amour). He won the Young Dance Makers Award 2016 with its graduation performance Eternal Chilling,  and was nominated for the Stephanie Daniels price. In addition, the NWE Vorst, L'Aventura DansBrabant selected him for a young makers-residence.


Evangelos ' work comes from an inner need to express themselves through the body. He is fascinated by the contrasts between the human instinct, intuition and perception.  His goal is to have a richness and versatility to show in layers of meaning and symbols and thus invite the viewer on a journey in which the imagination is stimulated and new doors open to interpretation and associations.






In Search of a Title, (2017)





The Eternal Chilling, (2016)


The Jazz Dog

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