Christian Guerematchi

Christian Guerematchi

Christian D. Guerematchi was born in Maribor/Slovenia where he finished his ballet education and afterwards became a member of the national ballet. Under his mentor Marin Turcu he got the status of demi-solo but danced solo parts as well. He was strongly engaged in the creations of Edward Clug with whom he also danced on the 17th International Competition for Choreographers in Hannover.

At the competition Christian got invited by Mario Schroeder to join the Ballet Kiel in Germany where he stayed for a year.
In 2006 he came to the Netherlands with another choreography of Edawrd Clug. This solo made for Christian became the first performance of the newly established company Station Zuid in Tilburg. Since then he worked with choreographers like; Andre Gingras, Silvain Emard, Vaclav Kunes, Stephen Shropshire, Emio Greco, Pieter Scholten and Thierry Smits.

During his dancing career Christian created a number of short dance pieces among which were duets, solos and a whole evening performance; Painted Rhythm. As a dance-maker he is inspired by the human body and it’s ways of physical communication.

In 2010 Christian made a research project at Dansmakers Amsterdam.

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