Cecilia Moisio

Cecilia Moisio

At Dansmakers Amsterdam since 2008


The Finnish Cecilia Moisio (1978, FI) is a choreographer and performer based in the Netherlands. In 2014 Cecilia won the Prize Of The Dutch Dance Days in Maastricht as an upcoming choreographer. Previously she has also been nominated for the same prize in 2013, for the BNG Theater maker prize in 2011 and twice for the VSCD dance prize- ‘the swan’ as best dancer of the year. Cecilia danced for many years with Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel and after with WArd/waRD - Ann Van den Broek.


Cecilia’s inspiration comes from the psychology of humans, in particular the unconscious behavioural patterns that arise from social norms and expectations imposed upon us. Her work is multidisciplinary and she combines her strong dance vocabulary with singing, live music and acting. Her performances have a dynamic character, filled with raw emotion on the one hand, and a clean, controlled choreography on the other.


Cecilia is always searching for the place where poetry and raw reality meet. Her style is unpolished, at times disturbing, and highly demanding on the abilities of the performers. In her performances, she shows how carefully constructed social facades are slowly decomposed and uncovered. In Cecilia’s reality drives and desires reveal both the despair and the beauty of the human being in all its simplicity.


Artist in residence at Dansmakers between 2008 and 2016. Since 2017 she makes her work under her own foundation ‘Stichting Cecilia Moisio’. Her works have been performed in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Spain, France, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Canada, Argentina and Poland. 



Productions at Dansmakers Amsterdam


I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes (2018)

Mum's The Word (2015)

L.O.V.E. (2014)

Juxtapose (2013)

Hi! My Name Is… (2010)

Masculine. (2009)




Other productions


Error Humanum (2017)

Mommy Issues (2016)

OMGYES (2016)

THE END (2016)


SHE/HER (2016)

Partymonster (2015)



Facets (2014)

2 by 2 (2014)

IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME (2013)

3x3 (2010)

Eurydice Regained (2010)

Psychopomp (2010)

Anatomy Of Space (2005)

Miss Julie (1996)

Lasinen Vuori (1995)

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