Andreas Hannes

Andreas Hannes

At Dansmakers Amsterdam since 2019 

Andreas Hannes (GR, 1987) was educated as a percussionist and choreographer, and has a passion for film. As an independent filmmaker and artist, he was a co-founder Small House Productions, a platform for international and interdisciplinary projects (2011-2015). He was also active as a social worker. From his experience as a coach for training courses on personal resilience, he developed a working methodology that also includes performance and media. He currently works as the programmer and producer of Cinedans FEST in Amsterdam.

Andreas is a graduate of SNDO (School for New Dance Development - AHK, 2018). He summarizes his artistic work with the concept of distances, either relational, physical and/or metaphysical. He is fascinated by what is considered similar or different, between bodies, traditions and disciplines, and works with the tension between them. In 2019 he received the Young Artsupport Award Amsterdam.


The City (2018) 

Tremble (2019) 
Première november 2019



" There is a lot of room for the individual and the characters of both performers. The lighting design is thoughtfully integrated and has an autonomous role as an actor and interacts with the two dancers and the space. Infinity is a source of inspiration for Andreas and this endlessness remains playful. The playfulness grows as the performance progresses. Despite the exhaustion of hopping, the cheerfulness and pleasure remain visible." (De jury of Moving Forward, Theaterkrant, The City)
"Hannes takes the audience for a ride and plays with expectations. By constantly giving his choreography a new twist, he lets us experience a feeling of infinity in all simplicity." (Theaterkrant, Skipping, ITS 2018)

The City at Moving Forward performance Night ©Thomas Lenden

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