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DANSPRODUCTIon HOUSE with working place and stage


Dansmakers Amsterdam is an international dance production house in Amsterdam Noord. The House focuses on the development of new choreographic talent in contemporary dance. Guidance, production and presentation happen in the house: Dansmakers Amsterdam is both working place, production house as a stage. During compact or longer development periods, promising dance artist get artistic, financial/business and promotional support. Per year, at least four (co-) productions are developed. The production company is co-initiator and producer of the Moving Futures Festival.



Audience at You Better Move #5 (c) Bart Grietens



Suzy Blok, General and artistic Director




New generation choreographers contemporary dance

Dansmakers Amsterdam focuses on the new generation of contemporary choreographers, which explore and push the limits of the discipline. Since 2013, Suzy Blok is Director. She brings together makers who are involved in social developments and have an open gaze to the audience and society. With a long-term development process for three Artists in residence, and about 10 short residencies of guest artists, international makers from Amsterdam get the chance to develop into critical, autonomous dance artists with its own signature and with an independent position in the dance world.


Choreographers of Dansmakers Amsterdam often receive award. (Award of the Nederlandse dansdagen, Cecilia Moisio, 2014, Young ArtFund Award: Marie Goeminne (2014), Fernando Belfiore (2015), Anne Suurendonk (2016).) Different productions got selected for the International Aerowaves Twenty selection. Important contemporary choreographers as Gaia Gonnelli, Ann van den Broek, Keren Levi and Anouk van Dijk have started their choreographic carreer at Dansmakers Amsterdam (used to be called Danswerkplaats Amsterdam). 



Fernando Belfiore - The Cave 2018 (c) Thomas Lenden




Dansmakers Amsterdam offers the choreographers a platform and an international network. Experts and consultants as risztina de Chatel, Guy Cools or Charlot van der Meer are attracted to and used for guidance and coaching of the artist in residence. Associate artists, choreographers who move on from Artist in residence to Associated artist, remain connected as consultant and co-producer of Dansmakers Amsterdam connected.


The current Artists in residence are Fernando Belfiore, Jija Sohn, Evangelos Biskas-V, Sigrid Mathiassen, Moreno Perna, Keren Rosenberg >>>



Jija Sohn - Kyabajo 2018 (c) Bas de Brouwer  



With its own stage and programming Dansmakers Amsterdam is the House where choreographers - among themselves and in close contact with teh audience - are querying and promoting the dance discipline. The House creates a critical climate where creators and audiences with different cultural backgrounds to watch each other's work and reflect about it.



You Better Move #4


During the makers Intensive, a compact work period in which three makers with own crew at the same time to enter the studios, they learn from each other through daily feedback, coaching and collaboration. In 2016, the first edition of the Moving Forward Trajectory: a springboard for a recently graduated maker to the professional field. In addition, organizes dance makers Amsterdam regularly open studio and after-show discussions, presentations, lectures and workshops. Through the large (inter) national network provides dance makers for tours and visibility of the work of the new generation of choreographers.


Moving Forward Young Dance Makers Awards




DANSMAKERS stage, Working place, Yacuzzi & rental

Dansmakers Amsterdam - dance production house with its own stage - is located in the old Stork factory at the River IJ in Amsterdam North and is also easily accessible by car. In the same building dance company ISH, DAT! school and Cinedans are setteled. In this hub of dance in North, dance audience, neighbours and choreographers from all over the world can meet. Out of projects (recurring You Better Move one-day dance festival) and residencies (New Adventures Dansmakers Residency) and collaborations with other (International) institutions, there are at least four (co-) productions a year developed. It are full-length performances that can be performed in small and medium-sized theatre halls and are on tour national and international. Independent choreographers can rent a studio at Dansmakers Amsterdam studio or use the facilitated theatre hall at a cultural rate.


New Adventures 2018 (c) Thomas Lenden


Dansmakers Amsterdam is co-producer of Jacuzzi - artist-run initiative - via the provision of the dance studio space at the 1e. Helmerstraat 104, Amsterdam. More info about Yacuzzi >>>


Commercial or business rental is also available. Interested? Please contact us (zakelijk@dansmakers.nl)




Take a look at our locations >>>

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Partners of Dansmakers Amsterdam are:

Dansateliers Rotterdam - Random Collision - Dans Brabant –De NieuweOost - Dansgroep Amsterdam - ICK  - DAT School –ISH - Cinedans- Danstheater AYA - Don’t Hit Mama - Aerowaves -  Theater Bellevue –De Overkant/Evenementen. 

Dansmakers Amsterdam is lid van European Dancehouse Network (EDN) en het Europees Aerowaves netwerk (beide mede gefinancierd door ´the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union´.

Dansmakers is multiannual subsidized by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (2017-2020). In de period 2018 - 2020, The Moving Futures Festival received a bi-annual subsidy by the Performing arts Fund NL.





Board of Dansmakers Amsterdam:
Liesbeth Bijvoet, Chairman of the Board, Dansmakers Amsterdam
Roger Dayala, Treasurer, Dansmakers Amsterdam

Members of the Board, Dansmakers Amsterdam:
Sandra Den Hamer
Jarrod Francisco
Cees de Graaff



ANBI & Extra gifts deduction for donors

Dansmakers Amsterdam has an ANBI status under RSIN 8016.51.141.

Are you a dance lover? Many of our visitors supported the Young Makers Fund and thus the work of talented choreographers. You can donate starting with 5,-. Become a donor and enjoy an additional tax benefit. Read more ...Donors have an additional tax advantage, for them there is an additional deduction for gifts. Individuals may subtract 1.25 times the amount of the gift in the income tax. Companies subjecting to corporation tax may deduct 1.5 times the amount of the in the corporate tax return. Read more >>>


More information about Dansmakers Amsterdam, download here [in Dutch]:
-Bestuursverlag & jaarverslag Dansmakers Amsterdam 2017
-Hoofdlijnen beleidsplan 2013-2016
-Bestuursverlag & jaarverslag Dansmakers Amsterdam 2016
-Managment report & financial statements Dansmakers Amstedam 2015
-Managment report Dansmakers Amsterdam 2014
-Financial statements Dansmakers Amsterdam 2014

Fernando Belfiore - The Cave 2018 (c) Thomas Lenden