You Better Move #4

You Better Move is a meeting of ideas, a collective 'aha' experience, a  sparkling event with work fresh of the press. With this one-day dance festival, Dansmakers Podium is stage for the makers with a multi-coloured collection of new, radical and qualitative work. This recurring festival is an invitation to come together, talk and share ideas. Each edition is composed by an Amsterdam choreographer. You Better Move #4 on the 20th of April will be curated by Paula Chaves.

The program will be announced soon!

While the Internet of Things is in order to collapse under the weight of its own success and we freak out looking for The New Next Thing, it is the artist who with his work exceeds our imagination. Not just divine inspiration, but hard work, determination and a tireless interest in the world and in the others is the germ of his work. With the series You Better Move Dansmakers Amsterdam is a stage for establishing makers to show their work, a process, to give and take workshops or to pitch ideas. Each editionis composed by an Amsterdam choreographer and an opportunity for the Amsterdam dance scene to get and to stay together.

Paula Chaves
Paula Chaves migratory paths are sculpted by the Modern dance scene & Latino barrios of New York, the independent Contemporary dance & Circus scenes of Bogota, the D.I.Y. Queer movements of Berlin & the Post-dance and QueerPOC -people of color- communities of Amsterdam. She obtained her degree in Choreography at SNDO -school for new dance development- at the University of Arts in Amsterdam, city in which she now works as freelance artist, activist and teacher. In her artistic research Paula re-appropriates & embodies popular culture aesthetics & technologies while inter-waving, exposing &/or juxtaposing it with social critic, gender theory & post-colonial narratives.

As an artist she has collaborated with: Amanda Piña -Nadaproductions (CL/AT), Oneka von Schrader (AT/NL), Nina Boas (NL/FR), Setareh Fatehi (IR/NL), Carles Casallacs (ES), Benîot Lachambre -Par B.L.eux (CA), Ko Morobushi (JA), Jija Sohn (JP/NL), Riccardo Guratti (IT), Nadia Bekkers (NL) & Diana Casas -Aerodanza (COL). Her own choreographic work has been shown in cities like: Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Grünbach & Cori




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