The Cave - Fernando Belfiore


Fernando Belfiore

The live installation The Cave is a layered dialogue between performance, recording and projection. Fernando plays with present trends. He explores projection as a medium to give a forecast of a future situation. Psychedelic atmospheres, colors, paradisiac images, animations and objects are live manipulated and represented on screen. As a live DJ for his own dance, he plays with the ambiguous engagement of the vaporwave subculture against consumer capitalism and popular entertainment.


Choreographer and performance artist Fernando Belfiore (1983, BR) is a graduate and guest teacher at the SNDO, Amsterdam. His performances are intense and poetic, with references from theatre and visual arts. He explores performance art with the body as main medium. In every performance a delicate transformation is fulfilled, often with softness and vulnerability as downside. His work is well received in and abroad the Netherlands and supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam (since 2011).




Choreography & Performance Fernando Belfiore Publicitity Ruth Verraes / DansmakersAmsterdam Co-Producer Dansmakers Amsterdam Supported by Jonge Makersfonds thanks to Beamlab




datum locatie stad
26-jan  De NWE Vorst, Moving Futures  Tilburg
7-feb  Theater Kikker, Moving Futures  Utrecht
17-feb  Grand Theatre, Moving Futures  Groningen
31-mrt  Dansmakers Podium, Moving Futures  Amsterdam



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