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Dansmakers Amsterdam 

started in 1993 as DansWerkplaats Amsterdam (DWA).  Important Dutch makers such as Ann van den Broek,  Anouk van Dijk, Keren Levi, Giulia Mureddu, Muhanad Rasheed,  Sassan Saghar and  Michael Schumacher started their choreographic careers at DWA.

From a dance laboratory, DWA developed into Dansmakers, a dance production house and workplace with its own stage. As generator of talent, Dansmakers stands for research, production  and presentation; a production house with a stage where makers can search, fail and shine. We do this in the form of an open harbor where artists and audience can meet.

Dansmakers Amsterdam has three pillars that serve as the foundation of its activities. The three pillars of Dansmakers activities:  research, production and presentation, are interconnected and help choreographers develop into balanced artists with their own signature. In addition to the three pillars, Dansmakers offers its  facilities in support of makers outside the Artists in Residence, who also represent talent and quality.



For the development of young choreographic talent, research is of utmost importance. During research projects, choreographers have the time to work on a predetermined concept and to present it. The audience, in conversation with the maker, can reflect on what they have seen and experienced. In this way, the audience can help the maker and be involved in the research.
The Makers Intensive takes this one step further, a compact work period in which a number of makers with crew go into the studios  and learn from each other through feedback, coaching and collaboration. At the end of this period, there is also a presentation where the makers receive feedback from the audience and each other.
The Interactive Content Workshop also falls under the pillar research, in this workshop more depth  is given to the creative process of one maker from different perspectives and disciplines.
Besides these research opportunities there are also other activities given at Dansmakers, such as:  lectures, symposia, panel discussions, workshops and classes.
Production: Resulting from the Makers Intensive, research projects or collaborations with other (international) institutions, four (co-) productions per year are developed. The productions are full performances which can be performed in medium sized theaters.
Presentation: At Dansmakers aan het IJ, and on other locations, the choreographers from Dansmakers have the opportunity to present their work to the public. Additionally Dansmakers aan het IJ is available for montage and presentation of external productions.
During the annual festival PUNCH! presentations will be clustered. In this festival, in collaboration with Theater Bellevue and the Melkweg Theater, highlights, new work and a selection from the Aerowaves network are presented

The Artists in Residence for 2016 are: Fernando Belfiore, Marie Goeminne, Cecilia Moisio. The Associate Artists, with whom Dansmakers develops a coproduction, are Liat Waysbort, Andreas Denk and Jochen Stechmann. For young audience, Dansmakers works with Gaia Gonnelli.



Working Space, Podium & Rental

Dansmakers Amsterdam is located on the terrain ‘De Overkant’, in the Kromhouthal of the former Stork factory. On this terrain are also located Evenementen aan de Overkant and Restaurant Stork.
Where once large ship engines were built and later a production line for the food industry was located, Dansmakers now has 3 studios and a large factory hall. For workshops, rehearsals, auditions, corporate events, conferences, symposia, large and small meetings, filming, photo shoots and other refined events such as weddings, and dinner parties this location is ideal. The location of Dansmakers Amsterdam has a industrial look, old elements from the factory are still visible on the theater.
Guest Parking is available on the central parking lot. For catering and rentals, spacious parking is available directly in front of the building for trucks and vans. The location is even by boat attainable.


(Rental: event[at]dansmakers.nl, 020 - 215 99 15)


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Partners of Dansmakers Amsterdam are:
Dansateliers Rotterdam - Random Collision - Dans Brabant - Generale Oost - Dansgroep Amsterdam - ICK - HJS - DAT School - Frontaal Theaterbureau - Danstheater AYA - Don’t Hit Mama - Les Repérages - Tanzhaus Zurich - SSBA Salon - Theater Bellevue - Stork Restaurant - De Overkant/Evenementen - Aerowaves

Dansmakers Amsterdam is a member of European Dancehouse Network (co-financed by the European Programme of the European Union Creative)

Dansmakers is structurally subsidized by the City of Amsterdam.




Board of Dansmakers Amsterdam:
Erik Akkermans, Chairman of the Board, Dansmakers Amsterdam
Roger Dayala, Treasurer, Dansmakers Amsterdam
Members of the Board, Dansmakers Amsterdam:
Liesbeth Bijvoet
Sandra Den Hamer
Jarrod Francisco



ANBI & Extra gifts deduction for donors

Dansmakers Amsterdam has an ANBI status under RSIN 8016.51.141.

Are you a dance lover? Many of our visitors supported the Young Makers Fund and thus the work of talented choreographers. You can donate starting with 5,-. Become a donor and enjoy an additional tax benefit. Read more ...Donors have an additional tax advantage, for them there is an additional deduction for gifts. Individuals may subtract 1.25 times the amount of the gift in the income tax. Companies subjecting to corporation tax may deduct 1.5 times the amount of the in the corporate tax return. Read more >>>


More information about Dansmakers Amsterdam, download here [in Dutch]:

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-Bestuursverlag & jaarverslag Dansmakers Amsterdam 2016
-Managment report & financial statements Dansmakers Amstedam 2015
-Managment report Dansmakers Amsterdam 2014
-Financial statements Dansmakers Amsterdam 2014